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How much does septoplasty cost?

Updated: 2022-07-19
The average price of septoplasty is $2850, the minimum price is $720, and the maximum price is $12300.
United States of America Turkey Mexico
Septoplasty - from $1000 from $4000
  • Below average
  • Above average
According to 168 clinics presented in the ranking

Clinic’s photo Deal Medical Procedure Price
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
(140 reviews)

Septoplasty "All included" with Award-winning Plastic Surgeon

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Package price
$2340 More
Kucukcekmece Hospital
(40 reviews)

Septoplasty "All included" Package

More Less
Package price
$2543 More
Dr. Soho Clinic
(22 reviews)


More Less
Package price
$3967 More
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168 Septoplasty Clinics Found

The hospitals ranking is based on 686 requests, 35 patient reviews, prices, and information from 168 clinics

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Best Septoplasty Doctors

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Ergin Er
Plastic surgeon
Istanbul , Turkey
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
( 140 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Dr. Er is a specialist in facial and body plastic & aesthetic procedures with the most updated methods available. Dr. Ergin Er's work experience Plastic surgeon at the Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center. Education 1993 — Gülhane Military Medical Academy — Degree in general medicine, T ...
Andrii Pasichnyk
Plastic surgeon
Kyiv , Ukraine
ADONIS Medical Group
( 15 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Kyiv, Ukraine
ADONIS Medical Group
Murat Topak
ENT doctor
Istanbul , Turkey
NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
( 24 reviews )
Online consultation

Request for details

Istanbul, Turkey
NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
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12 positive reviews on septoplasty

Emmanuel Jul 25, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent septoplasty in Hospital de la Familia

I really have to thank the people at the Hospital de la Familia. I went there for a septoplasty - I am already healing really well, breathing freely through a new nose like I never could before. The surgery was minimally invasive - the doctors, nurses, drivers, were all friendly, patient, and considerate. My girlfriend and I loved our stay in Mexicali. Thank you again to the whole team who took care of me while I was down there.

Costinel Mar 2, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent septoplasty in Medical Promise Hospital

The Bookimed coordinator, the hospital staff, from the first day to the last, were obviously keen to provide their best help and expertise in offering a succesfull outcome for the entire stay, not only for the surgery. I am very happy to have chosen Bookimed and this hospital for my septum deviation surgery that finalised in adding another operation after doctor Fehmi, a great doctor, told me I need also turbinate reduction, due to a Rhinitis allergy I was not aware of as in the UK, they haven't told me about. Very Happy to have chosen to get my surgery in Turkey and not in UK. Some Great quality of service and cost in Turkey, something I cannot say about "Great" Britain that loves only to take high taxes and delay to provide proper health services for their taxpayers. After all, it's my health! Thank you Bookimed! Thank you doctor Fehmi!

Vlad Dec 24, 2021
Verified review. The patient underwent septoplasty in ADONIS Medical Group

I would like to wish the clinic more kind patients and patients. I was pleased with the attitude of the workers, the location is very convenient. The trust of the doctor is at the highest level. The doctor who performed the operation, Nikolai Yuryevich Kuznetsov, is a good surgeon. I gave a good mood after and before the operation. The relationship with the patient is very warm. Coordinator Adonis constantly, almost all 24/7, stayed in touch with me, and they were interested in me both before and after the operation. If I have any questions, I can always ask in WhatsApp or Viber also by phone. Comfort and coherence in this clinic. I give 5 stars. Хочу пожелать клинике побольше добрых пациенток и пациентов . Меня порадовало отношение работников , расположение очень удобное. Доверие врача на высшем уровне. Доктор который провёл операцию -Кузнецов Николай Юрьевич хороший хирург. Хороший настрой дал после и до операции . Отношения к пациенту очень тёплое .Координатор Адонис постоянно, почти все 24/7 оставался на связи со мной , и интересовались мной как до так и после операции. Если у меня возникают вопросы я всегда смогу задать в WhatsApp или Viber также по телефону . Комфорт и слаженность в этой клинике . Ставлю 5 звёзд .

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Leah Dec 17, 2021
Verified review. The patient underwent septoplasty in Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

I flew in internationally for surgery. The team was great, they made sure I had someone with me for translation and everything went smoothly. My surgeon was Dr Yavuz Selim Yildrim and he was absolutely amazing. I could tell he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He really cares about his patients and would highly recommend this doctor to anyone:)

Stephen Dec 9, 2021
Verified review. The patient underwent septoplasty in Kucukcekmece Hospital

Brill just brill life changing septoplasty for my wife if any one is considetiing going just do it nothing to worry about

1 negative reviews on septoplasty

Irina Jun 3, 2019
Verified review. The patient underwent septoplasty in Medicover Hospital Hungary

There were complications after surgery, inguinal hernia and pain in the heart Возникли осложнения послу операции, паховая грыжа и боль в сердце

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FAQ about Septoplasty

What affects a deviated septum surgery (septoplasty) cost?

The price of septoplasty depends on the following factors:

  • A country for a septoplasty. The average cost of septoplasty ranges from country to country significantly. This is due to a general price policy and living wage in a particular state. For instance, the same procedure in Turkey or India will cost you 3-4 times lower than in Germany, Austria or Korea. Among the European countries, you will find affordable septoplasty cost in Hungary, Lithuania, and Ukraine.
  • A clinic's brand recognition. Some clinics have got international certificates and accreditations that confirm high quality of the medical procedure. It may increase the deviated nasal septum surgery cost by 10-15%.
  • Doctor's experience. If a septoplasty surgeon has decades of experience, positive patients' reviews, participates in the international conferences, he/she may ask for a higher fee.
  • Septum surgery complexity. The more complex septoplasty is, the higher price it may cost. So, only after consultation with a doctor, you will know how much septoplasty costs in your case.

What does a deviated nasal surgery cost include?

The septoplasty price usually includes:

  • the procedure itself
  • doctor's fee
  • medicines.

Some clinics provide the package which already includes accommodation, transfer, language assistance.

To know what septoplasty cost includes, request to Bookimed.

What are the types of septoplasty?

Laser septoplasty

The correction of a deviated septum is carried out applying high temperatures. Surgeons indicate a laser correction to patients with:

  • Insignificant cartilage deformation. A laser makes a cartilage tissue softer, and a doctor makes the right shape of it.
  • Cartilage growth. A doctor uses a laser to cut down a tissue, which causes difficulty breathing.

Advantage: a laser septoplasty does not need incisions that is why during and after the procedure there is no bleeding. The recovery goes faster than after the surgical correction.

Disadvantage: a laser may influence only a cartilage tissue, so a procedure is not indicated for people with bone deformations.

Endoscopic septoplasty

The operation is processed in an endonasal way, without incision. During the endoscopic septoplasty, a doctor uses a special tube with a backlight and camera which transmits the image to the monitor. A doctor inserts it in the nasal cavity together with special instruments to correct the septum.Advantages: a procedure allows correcting severe defects. No visible scars remain in a patient after an endoscopic septoplasty.

Disadvantage: this is a surgical operation, and small bleeding can occur after it. As a result, the recovery goes slower than after laser septoplasty.

Surgical deviated septum correction (traditional septoplasty)

The procedure is performed through the external skin incision. A doctor peels the mucous membrane off the cartilage and bone tissues to correct them:

  • in case of deviated cartilage, a doctor removes tissues, which make breathing difficult.
  • for people with perforation (a through hole in the septum), a surgeon places a transplant made of a patient's rib.

Advantages: a procedure allows correcting defects of any complexity.

Disadvantage: a recovery after the surgical septoplasty lasts longer than after the non-surgical one.

How is a deviated septum surgery (septoplasty) processed?


The preparation for the deviated septum surgery includes:

  • a consultation with a surgeon
  • endoscopic examination of the mouth cavity (rhinoscopy)
  • lab blood tests
  • CT or X-ray of sinuses
  • a consultation with an anesthesiologist.


The intervention is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. It depends on the stage of the defect and correction type. The average duration of the procedure is 1 hour.



After septoplasty, a patient stays in the hospital for 1 night. The number and frequency of postoperative consultations are determined individually for each patient by a doctor. The average stay in the country after the procedure is 5-10 days.

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