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Corneal transplant

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  • Corneal transplant
Consultation with Ophtalmologist and evaluation Consumables Corneal Transplantation Anesthesia Pre-op investigations Medicines (standard) Bedside procedures etc

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  • 1-2 weeks (2 night hospitalization included) days in the hospital

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Food and Beverages for the patient Complimentary meals for one companion during hospital stay Payment can be done by cash/credit card/Wire Transfer

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$5872 - $6072

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The success rate of corneal replacement

Corneal transplant for keratoconus treatment has 97% success rate.

5-30% of patients have complications after the surgery.

5-7% of graft failures after corneal transplant procedure.

How much does a corneal transplant cost?

Corneal transplant cost depends on:

  • type of the corneal tissue (donor or artificial)
  • surgery method (penetrating, lamellar or endothelial keratoplasty)
  • price policy of the country where the operation is performed
  • hospital type (private or government)
  • experience of a surgeon (cornea replacement cost is higher when a world-renowned doctor conducts it).

Donor corneal graft price is 50% lower than artificial cornea transplant cost.

The difference between donor and artificial corneal implants depend on the advantages and disadvantages of the grafts.

Human donor cornea

Artificial cornea implant



  • 75% is the donor graft success rate
  • natural material
  • suitable for everybody
  • always available
  • alternative for people who are not tolerant to the cornea of a deceased donor.



  • not always available
  • rejection risk
  • rejection risk
  • expensive
Additional corneal transplant cost

According to the American National Institutes of Health, 1 out of 3 patients faces rejection after the corneal transplant in the first 5 years. In the case of rejection, a patient needs a repeated operation. A patient pays for additional surgery and diagnostics.

Corneal transplant cost also rises because of frequent eye exams. Patients need to undergo eye tests weekly, then monthly to notice possible complications during the 1st year after the procedure. An eye doctor develops the diagnostics schedule for each patient.

After the operation ophthalmologists can prescribe glasses or contact lenses to improve vision. It also affects the cornea replacement surgery cost.


Corneal transplant cost in Asian countries is 35-70% lower than in Europe or the USA. Medical tourists worldwide choose India, Turkey or Thailand for organ transplantation including the cornea replacement.

Healthcare services in India, Turkey, and Thailand are at the same high level as in European countries, Israel or the United States. The economic development of these countries causes low corneal transplant cost. They belong to the states with the less developed economy. Nevertheless, the government spends the significant amount of money on the development of medicine here every year.

Pay attention to the fact that only private clinics offer the high level of medicine and experience of doctors.

You can learn more and ask our Medical Doctors additional questions. Submit a request on the webpage and Medical Doctor will contact you.

How much does corneal transplant surgery cost? Top-5 countries worldwide


Corneal transplant cost in Germany is individual for every patient. The prices depend on the disease, it’s stage and presence of complications. German eye surgeons use the artificial corneal grafts of high quality. Top-grade materials affect the corneal implants cost. The implants are produced by Carl Zeiss company, the most significant manufacturer of the optical devices in Germany.

Medical centers in Germany work on the deposit system. A patient has to prepay the treatment before arrival at a hospital. The final settlement is made only after discharge. The rest of unused money is returned to a patient. Some clinics work only on full prepayment.

The donor implants are not included in corneal transplant surgery cost in Germany. The Eye Bank regulates the corneal implants cost.


Cornea replacement surgery cost in India is much cheaper than in Europe or the USA. A patient can save up to 50% of the money for the operation. The level of medical service in Indian clinics is on the same level.

Indian doctors use analogs of expensive drugs, so-called generics for the treatment of patients. Generics significantly reduce the corneal transplant cost in comparison with other countries.


Thailand is another country in Asia, where the eye doctors offer keratoconus corneal transplant cost 30-75% cheaper than in Europe or the US. Quality of service remains at the same level.

Thai doctors undergo internship abroad and exchange the experience with their colleagues from the USA. They provide the new technologies and the innovative methods in medical care, which increases the effectiveness of transplant procedures.

Thai hospitals look like the 5-star resorts. In addition to high-quality treatment, a patient has a good rest. Thai therapies during the recovery period speed up the healing process. A patient restores vision faster and returns to a healthy lifestyle.

The recovery period and accommodation are usually included in cornea replacement surgery cost.


Over 500,000 medical tourists choose Turkey for treatment annually. The country is famous for its high level of service and low prices. Corneal transplant cost is 50% lower than in Europe or Israel.

Turkish eye surgeons perform corneal transplant procedures without prepayments. Patients pay the bill only after the postoperative period.

The high quality of healthcare services is confirmed by JCI (Joint Commission International) certificates. The JCI certificate is a guarantee of patients’ safety and the service quality. 46 Turkish clinics have received the certification. For comparison, there are 30 JCI certificated clinics in Israel and only 10 in Germany.


Corneal transplant cost in Spain varies due to the city and hospital status. The price for the procedure in Barcelona is higher than in Valencia or Madrid.

The price of the corneal replacement also depends on a hospital type. Corneal graft cost is more expensive in private medical centers than in the state ones.

Spanish eye specialists determine the exact donor or artificial cornea transplant cost only after full diagnostics.