Over 1 mln people worldwide are looking where to get stem cell therapy. They've heard all about the marvelous properties of this therapy and are looking for the place to try cells themselves.

No wonder! Stem cells capacity is almost limitless. This innovative application is the best option to deal with orthopedic diseases without any surgery as well as maintain beauty and youth.

Read more to find top destinations for stem cell therapy and get the answers:

The material shows medical tourism trends and describes the leading expert-opinion-based specialties in the country. This information relies on the Bookimed statistics, patient reviews, analysis of the health tourism characteristics in 28 countries, data compiled from multiple variable sources: IMTJ, the Ministry of Health, NCBI.

The report aims to specify health care peculiarities for international patients in a particular country, patients' preferences and factors that affect their choice. It is not a call to action — use it for informational purposes only.

Stem cell therapy is available only in the limited number of countries. Moreover, foreign doctors apply different types of cells according to the legislation within a particular state.

Very few stem cell therapies are proven to be safe and effective for treatment. Bookimed has conducted research and found the best places to get stem cell treatment taking into account reviews of the best stem cell clinics in the world.

Different clinics offer different types of stem cells. Regenerative specialists may provide the therapy using patient's own cells from the adipose tissue or bone marrow, and donor cells from umbilical cord or embryo.

Best places to get stem cell treatment

The Bookimed raking contains the best stem cell treatment centers in 8 global destinations. They achieve great results and have special permission to provide stem cell medicine.

Europe, Near East, and Asia are among the top destinations for stem cell remedy. Not all hospitals here provide stem cell treatments. But those implementing this therapeutic method are recognized as the extensive research centers. Specialists here study stem cell issues and develop new approaches that increase the effectiveness of the therapy significantly.

Our ranking is independent and based on doctors’ experience, clinics’ certifications and positive patients’ reviews about the best places for stem cell therapy.

Best stem cell therapy hospitals in Europe

In many European countries, stem cell therapy is unexplored entirely because of strict laws in particular states and cultural prejudice in the others. However, numerous medical facilities in Europe put stem cells into practice and achieve great results.

Pay attention that the treatment price in Europe varies from country to country, but the services quality and patients’ safety do not differ. The price difference relies on the average price policy within the country and local citizens' income.

Spain, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic are among the leading destinations for regenerative medicine in Europe.

Best stem cell clinics in Spain

Centro Medico Teknon, Barcelona

The Teknon Institute of Regenerative Medicine is one of the best stem cell therapy hospitals in Europe.

Doctors mostly specialize in the joints, muscles, and tendons treatment. They have been accepting patients with orthopedic diseases and sports traumas for stem cell therapy for over 15 years.

1,300 patients have already received stem cell remedies at Teknon. In 100% of cases, the therapy has not caused any cancer.

FC Barcelona football players choose Teknon for the stem cell therapy.

Teknon is among the leading institutions where to get stem cell treatment due to IBGM (Instituto de Biología y Genética Molecular) certification. It ensures the authenticity and effectiveness of the therapy as well as patients' safety.

Navarra Hospital, Pamplona

Clinics Universidad de Navarra (CUN) is among the world-renowned clinics where to get stem cell therapy. Orthopedic diseases and joint injuries treatment with stem cells is the primary specialty at Navarra.

Navarra specialists have performed over 1,200 stem cell injections.

Navarra is one of the leading research centers in the field of stem cell medicine in Europe. Regenerative specialists explore innovative approaches to treat not only the locomotor system but others as well.

According to the FBA consulting organization, 95 patients out of 100 are satisfied with the medical services at Navarra. 73% of people are ready to recommend this clinic to others.

What stem cell clinic to choose in Italy?

Instituto Ortopedico Galeazzi, Milan

RE.GA.IN (Regenerative Galeazzi Institute) is among a few medical facilities in Italy to provide stem cell medicine. Doctors care for patients with joints, muscles, and bones diseases.

Over 90% of patients are satisfied with regenerative treatments at Galeazzi according to the center's data.

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU law for each patient's data protection) controls patients' safety and privacy. This makes RE.GA.IN one of the best stem cell clinics in the world for people who don't want to share information related to their health issue.

Galeazzi specialists are engaged in numerous research. 40 staff members study and develop new stem cell therapy plans to help more people.

Where to get stem cell treatment in the Czech Republic?

Motol Medical Center, Prague

Motol Hospital is one of the largest and the best stem cell therapy hospitals in Europe.

International patients from Asia and Germany visit Motol to get stem cell therapy for locomotor system disorders and aging fighting.

Motol University Hospital is a part of Medicamente Hospitals Group and has its own Tissue Bank. Specialists of the bank freeze and keep the cells in the special containers. People may freeze their own cells for at least 20 years.

In case of danger for health or life, a patient can get for the stem cell treatment. The bank is also a significant advantage for people who cannot be in long waiting lists.

Choosing Motol you undergo the therapy 2-3 times cheaper than in Spanish or Turkish hospitals.

Best place for stem cell therapy in Poland

Carolina Medical Center, Warsaw

The center is the biggest orthopedic facility and one of the best stem cell therapy hospitals in Europe. Doctors have permission from the Polish Ministry of Health to cultivate and apply stem cells.

Specialists apply stem cell therapy to treat patients with sports injuries, traumas, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Carolina is the 1st in Poland to perform orthopedic treatments using stem cells.

The best sportsmen and dancers choose Carolina for the therapy. The center is an official partner of the Polish Olympic Committee, National Ballet, and FIFA.

Carolina is one of the best places where to get stem cell therapy in Europe due to the excellent value for money. You undergo high-quality treatment at the center 2-3 times cheaper than in Spain, Korea, or Turkey. The low cost compared to other clinics is caused by the price policy and level of economic development of the country.

Leading place for stem cell therapy in Hungary

Medicover Hospital, Budapest

Medicover is one of top stem cell clinics in Poland where doctors provide this new therapeutic method for locomotor disorders treatment. Specialists have developed Lipogems, an exceptional program basing on therapy with stem cells from adipose tissue.

Lipogems makes the visible impact possible in the shortest term because the cultivation of stem cells from fat tissue takes little time. This method is safe and causes minimal complications (such as infections). The stem cell injection itself lasts 30 minutes.

Medicover is the largest private facility among the best stem cell therapy hospitals in Eastern Europe. The center has accreditation by the Polish Ministry of Health that confirms high standards of care quality. It attracts patients from 14 countries worldwide.

Top rated stem cell clinic in Ukraine

Perfecto Room Clinic, Kyiv

Perfecto Room is the leading place where to get stem cell treatment in Ukraine. Using stem cells specialists correct skin defects (acne, wrinkles, scars), help women be younger, and treat diseases of musculoskeletal system.

Perfecto Room doctors have been providing stem cell therapy for over 25 years. For the vast doctors' experience, this clinic has deserved recognition as one of the best facilities for stem cell therapy in Europe.

Dr. Andrey Kharkov heads Perfecto Room Clinic. The doctor specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery. He has performed over 14,000 procedures.

Best stem cell clinic in Lithuania

Kardiolita Private Hospital, Vilnius

Kardiolita Clinic is among the stem cell treatment centers in Europe providing affordable services. Local treatment programs are by 2 times more cost-effective than in Western European clinics according to the average price policy within Lithuania.

Kardiolita doctors have over 30 years of experience. They offer stem cell therapy for patients with knee diseases and joint traumas.

Regenerative specialists offer Lipogems, an exclusive method of therapy with stem cells taken from the adipose tissue. Lipogems speeds up the treatment because doctors need little time to grow cells.

Lipogems is minimally invasive treatment program. It reduces the risks of infections. The procedure itself takes 30 minutes. Preliminary preparation is not taken into account.

Best country for stem cell treatment in Asia

Rejuvenation and cosmetic stem cell therapies are the main specialties in the field of regenerative medicine in Asian countries. 99% of plastic surgeries cause no complications.

However, Asian doctors also successfully provide stem cell treatments for orthopedic diseases and sports traumas. According to the reviews of the best stem cell clinics in the world, international patients choose Asian states for orthopedic therapy in most cases.

South Korea is considered the best country for stem cell treatment in Asia for international patients according to the Bookimed data.

Where to get stem cell therapy in South Korea?

JK Plastic Surgery Center, Seoul

JK is among best stem cell treatment centers in the world in the field of plastic surgery and have won Global Medical Grand Prize. Over 6,000 international patients visit this center annually.

JK Medical Center is the 1st and the only facility in Korea for stem cell therapy in the area of cosmetic surgery approved by the Government. The clinic has its own cell laboratory, where experts grow and store stem cells. That’s why you don’t have to wait for a long time to get treatments.

Doctors apply Anti-Bio injects that regenerate skin. It helps patients with different cosmetic defects such as acne, scars or wrinkles.

Severance Hospital, Seoul

Severance Hospital is an internationally recognized medical facility in the Republic of Korea. Severance specialists provide this treatment method only for patients with arthritis.

The clinic is the best place for stem cell therapy for degenerative arthritis treatment. The regeneration of the knee cartilage increases by 14-22% after the procedure.

Specialists have achieved significant results in stem cell therapy for knee diseases treatment. After the treatment, knee function is improved up to 39%. The joint and tendons pain is reduced by 45%.

Best country for stem cell treatment in the Near East

Stem cell therapy is an almost non-existent treatment option in the Near Eastern countries. Religious views, cultural characteristics, and legislation features are the main reasons why the most Near Eastern countries refuse stem cells.

Turkey is the only country in this region where this method is permitted to be applied. Patients from the Middle East and Europe visit the country to undergo stem cell treatment.

Where to get stem cell therapy in Turkey?

Medipol University Hospital, Istanbul

Medipol Medical Center is the 1st private Turkish hospital where to get stem cell therapy for joint diseases. Specialists conduct stem cell therapy for joints and tendons treatment. They recommend this therapy as an alternative to joint replacements.

Medipol doctors follow the international healthcare standards. Only high-quality and approved treatment methods are applied at the center. JCI (Joint Commission International), the global promoter of rigorous standards of care and patients’ safety, warrants the service excellence at Medipol.

Medipol Hospital is best stem cell therapy clinic for people looking for the therapy at affordable prices. Stem cell services here are 5 times cheaper than in some other Turkish clinics.

Liv Medical Center, Istanbul

Liv Hospital is one of the leading centers in the field of regenerative medicine in Turkey. Specialists of the center treat orthopedic diseases and skin defects applying patients’ own cells.

Liv doctors offer facial and body filling with stem cells as the most effective therapy option. The method does not cause any allergy and restores the skin rapidly.

The result after stem cell filling is by 70% more permanent than after the artificial one. Breast reconstruction with stem cell filling after breast cancer treatment is also available in the hospital.

Liv is the 1st medical facility in Turkey to follow international standards by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), global system for controlling and ensuring the quality of products.

Estetik International Clinic, Istanbul

Estetik International is a specialized plastic surgery clinic in Turkey, where stem cell therapy picks up steam pretty quickly. Medical tourists from Europe prefer regenerative treatment in this particular clinic.

Doctors help patients to look younger and attractive within a short period. They treat acne, scars, wrinkles, and cellulite, perform hair transplant with stem cells.

Estetik International is popular with luminaries for excellent services. Models Pixee Fox and Rodrigo Alves (known as real-life Barbie and Ken) are satisfied with cosmetic procedures quality at Estetik.

Where to undergo stem cell therapy abroad?

Medical tourists tend to choose a clinic according to their individual preferences. Sometimes they learn more about the world' stem cells clinics' reviews to select the most appropriate for them.

The Bookimed website contains over 1,000 reviews. Our patients share their experience and make hospitals' photos to help other people make the right choice.

How to choose the best stem cell hospital in the world?

  1. Choose the center for stem cell therapy abroad you like most.
  2. Compare the hospitals' offers and prices.
  3. Submit a request on the Bookimed website to get known exactly if doctors of the chosen clinic treat your disease.
  4. Get a personalized treatment plan.
  5. Schedule the date of your trip. You can choose the most suitable day and month.
  6. Undergo the treatment and tell us about your experience. Write a review on our website to help other patients make the right choice.

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