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Colombia, Cartagena
Bonilla Plastic Surgery: With over 21 years of experience, Bonilla Plastic Surgery provides comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive surgical and medical interventions in Pereira, Colombia. The clinic offers a unique experience for patients, with programming that can be customized to the patient's needs, including tourist attractions and excursions. The team emphasizes aesthetic medicine and scar tissue concealment to achieve satisfying results. The clinic also offers new procedures that patients can learn more about on their website or by calling. Bonilla Plastic Surgery responds promptly to patient concerns and has two healthcare locations in Pereira.
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Dr Maritza Novas
Colombia, Medellín
Dr Maritza Novas
Regenerative medicine specialist
20 years of experience
Reju Medical
Dr. Maritza Novas is highly recognized for her contributions to the field of regenerative medicine, particularly in the use of stem cells for therapeutic procedures. She has not only applied her expertise in treating various conditions but has also imparted this knowledge to over 2,000 physicians globally. Her dedication to the field has earned her recognition at prestigious events such as the XVIII International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery, and Obesity.Awards Recognized for her work and achievements in regenerative medicine at the XVIII International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery, and Obesity in 2017MembershipMember of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine since 2004EducationEarned her medical degree from the University of Havana, Cuba in 1993Currently completing a master's degree in Molecular Biology at Lehigh UniversityRead more
Carlos Rojas
Colombia, Cali
Carlos Rojas
Plastic surgeon
24 years of experience
Kyron Stem Cells
Dr. Carlos Rojas is a seasoned medical professional with a dual specialization in Gynecology and Plastic Surgery. With more than two decades of practice, he has an impressive record of performing over 5,000 aesthetic surgeries, mastering a broad spectrum of procedures ranging from minimally invasive to robotic-assisted surgeries, as well as surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Dr. Rojas is also a recognized specialist in regenerative medicine, and his dedication to this field has led to his affiliation with Stem Cells Kyron Colombia and earned him certifications from the Colombian Association of Ozone Therapy.EducationMedical degree from George Washington UniversityResidency at St. Luke's-Roosevelt HospitalOperations providedOzone therapyUmbilical cord blood treatmentMinimally invasive surgeryRobotic-assisted surgeryAbnormal Pap smearsLaparoscopyInfertilityFace liftingBreast augmentationBreast reduction surgeriesLiposuctionButtock augmentationRhinoplastyEyelid liftOtoplastyBotox and filler treatmentsBreast, nose, and post-oncological reconstruction proceduresBody contouring proceduresRead more

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