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Tonguç Işken

experience: 23 years

Prof. Dr. Tonguç Işken is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, with experience in facial cosmetic surgery, breast surgery, stem cell therapy, fat tissue transplantations, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma therapy) and diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. He has earned two TÜBİTAK science incentive awards, and is a member of several organizations.

Istanbul , Turkey
Bahcelievler Memorial Hospital
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Prof. Dr. Tonguç Işken specializes in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Started his academic career in 2000.


  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Facial cosmetic surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Fat tissue transplantations
  • PRP (Platelet-rich plasma therapy)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers.

Work experience

  • 2000-2015 — The University of Kocaeli Medicine Faculty (Turkey) — Teaching assistant
  • 2008 — Uppsala University (Sweden) — Teaching assistant
  • 2009 — Johns Hopkins University (USA) — Teaching assistant
  • Since 2015 — Bahçeşehir University (Turkey) — Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery specialist
  • Since 2019—Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital (Turkey) — Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery specialist.


Dr. Tonguç Işken had projects in the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Türkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Araştırma Kurumu, TÜBİTAK), and has two TÜBİTAK science incentive awards.

  • The Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association Research Competition, 2nd Prize.


  • 1985-1991 — The Faculty of Medicine in Ankara University — Medical Doctor Training
  • 1992-1999 — The Faculty of Medicine in Akdeniz University — Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgical Training.

Membership in organizations

  • The Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association
  • The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association
  • The International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • The Kocaeli Breast Diseases Research and Treatment Association
  • The Turkish Medical Informatics Association
  • The Interplast Association of Turkey
  • The Balkan Association of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery
  • The AO Foundation.
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Jan 6, 2023
Consultation with a urologist

Зиёдулло Рахмонов
Nov 10, 2022
Male Check-up


Sep 15, 2022
Arnold Chiari syndrome

overall a very good clinic, very good doctor and staff. comfortable rooms and conditions

Aug 29, 2022
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Yes, I liked it overall. But I didn’t like how translators work - there are not enough Russian-speaking translators, you have to wait for them all the time, once I waited 1.5 hours, once without an in... Read more

Aug 1, 2022
Female check-up

Yes, we are satisfied, the tests were carried out promptly and the results also did not have to wait long. The treatment is scheduled, we hope for the result!

May 25, 2022
Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids)

The first time they flew to the clinic for a checkup back in March. And already at the end of May they flew in for an operation. Literally half a day to prepare for the operation, hospitalization earl... Read more

May 23, 2022

Mar 31, 2022
Consultation with a neurologist

Yes, I am satisfied with the Bookimed company, but not with this pediatrician - she does not like children at all, she does not even want to show any help. Please don't send your children to her.

A. B. M. Mofakhkharul Islam
Feb 28, 2022
Consultation nephrologist

Online consultation might not be useful

Jan 5, 2022
Hip Arthroscopy

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