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Anonymous Mar 20, 2019
The patient was treated of kidney cancer in Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

I am a Canadian who wanted to look for the kidney disease treatment in Hamburg right the way. I search on internet to find some one who can help me contact with doctor in Hamburg hospital and I found the Bookimed. First time, I really did not trust the Bookimed because I thought it is on internet - no face to face , but the Bookimed sent me a call immediately . After that, Liza Dudnik , the staff of Bookimed , contacted with me via email and phone. She helped me a lot to look for the kidneyprofessional doctor . Liza Dudnik worked very professional, kindly and helpful. From my heart bottom I would like to say thank her. Now I can tell people : I believe that the Bookimed is an agent that you can trust because it's service . Thank Bookimed and Thank Liza Dudnik again. God Bless You.


Liza Dudnik Bookimed medical coordinator Mar 22, 2019

Dear Sir! Thank you for your kind words and trust in our company. I wish you and your family good health!

Alina Sep 21, 2018
The patient was treated of kidney cancer in Nordwest Clinic (Krankenhaus)

Impressions about the company Bookimed and clinic Nordwest are exceptionally positive! Organization of the trip at the highest level, in everything there was support and participation. Coordinators Anna and Varvara (Bookimed) and Olga (Nordwest) assisted in every request, were sympathetic, professional and nice. Professor Yeager gave detailed advice and comments on the research and nuances of the disease. After the visit to Nordwest, much was cleared up and a hope and a positive attitude emerged. Thank you! Впечатления о компании Bookimed и клинике Нордвест исключительно положительные! Организация поездки на высшем уровне, во всем чувствовалась поддержка и участие. Координаторы Анна и Варвара (Bookimed) и Ольга (Нордвест) помогали в каждой просьбе, были отзывчивы, профессиональны и милы.
Профессор Йегер дала подробную консультацию и комментарии исследований и нюансов заболевания.
После визита в Нордвест многое прояснилось и появилась надежда и позитивный настрой.

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Dmitriy Kaminskiy Dmitrievich May 10, 2018
The patient was treated of kidney cancer in Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Professor Gross, as well as all the staff of the Asclepios clinic in Hamburg for their high professionalism, efficiency, sensitivity and attention to patients. About a month ago left an application on the site bookimed, within an hour I was contacted by coordinator Katerina, immediately offered several clinics specializing in oncourology. The choice fell on Asclepios in Hamburg, in particular, Professor Gross. Within a week, thanks to Katerina's efforts, prof. Gross, determined the tactics of treatment and already in a week there was immediate operation. There were some doubts that the nephrectomy could be performed laparoscopically, but the golden hands of prof. Gross know their business. The postoperative period went smoothly, recovered quickly. During the week of the stay, there were no complaints about the work of the staff: attentive, sensitive and affable. Conditions are more than comfortable. The language barrier was not a problem due to the well-coordinated work of the translators Lydia Goncharenko and Vladimir Fissenko. Separately, I want to once again express my gratitude to coordinator Katerina, who was always in touch, quickly resolved all sorts of difficulties. От всей души хочу поблагодарить профессора Гросса, а также весь персонал клиники «Асклепиос» в Гамбурге за высокий профессионализм, оперативность, чуткость и внимание к пациентам.

Около месяца назад оставил заявку на сайте bookimed, в течение часа со мной связалась координатор Катерина, сразу же предложила несколько клиник, специализирующихся в онкоурологии. Выбор пал на «Асклепиос» в Гамбурге, в частности, профессора Гросса.
Уже через неделю благодаря усилиям Катерины был организован (меня принял) проф. Гросс, определил тактику лечения и уже через неделю предстояла непосредственно операция. Были некоторые сомнения, что нефрэктомию удастся выполнить лапароскопически, но золотые руки проф. Гросса знают своё дело. Послеоперационный период прошёл гладко, восстановился быстро.
В течение недели пребывания ни разу не возникло нареканий к работе персонала: внимательные, чуткие и приветливые. Условия более чем комфортные. Языковой барьер не являлся проблемой благодаря слаженной работе переводчиков Лидии Гончаренко и Владимира Фиссенко.
Отдельно хочу ещё раз выразить слова благодарности координатору Катерине, которая всегда была на связи, оперативно разрешала разного рода трудности.

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GHITA May 2, 2019
The patient was treated of kidney cancer in Bremen-Mitte Clinic

The consultation was good. We received answers to all our questions.For sure I will recommend you.

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