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3704 positive reviews on treatment in Estonia

Valeriy Sep 26, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent dental implant in AEG Dental Clinic

I am very much grateful to everyone, especially to Osman & the surgeon (sorry, don't remember the Name), whose professionalism & skills are over any estimates! Well done, indeed! Much appreciated! Yana I am very much grateful to everyone, especially to Osman & the surgeon (sorry, don't remember the Name), whose professionalism & skills are over any estimates! Well done, indeed! Much appreciated! Yana

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Inna Sep 25, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent sclerotherapy of varicose veins in SALUSS Medical Group

I liked everything, the doctors are great, the result exceeded all expectations. Thanks to Sevda, she accompanied us everywhere and organized everything perfectly Понравилось все, врачи великолепные, результат превзошел все ожидания. Спасибо Севде, она везде нас сопровождала и все прекрасно организовывала

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Lucia Sep 23, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent mini facelift in Bumrungrad International Hospital

It was great to have the help of bookimed!! I was trying to book elsewhere and there was no answer. Only with bookimed it was possible. The professional that helped me was very attentive and supportive all the way… thank you so much:-)

Vladislav Sep 23, 2022
Verified review. The patient was treated of brain tumor in Medipol Mega University Hospital

Hello, my name is Vladislav Ivanov, Ukraine, Odessa city. In February 2021, my daughter Vlada was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma, we went to the doctors for a week trying to find out why the child started having severe headaches. They went through examinations, did an MRI, and as a fact, they found a brain tumor. That's when the ground slipped from under my feet. Realization has come - this has already happened, which means you need to quickly take action. The first thing we did was go to the children's hospital in Kyiv, the child was given a shunt. But unfortunately, fluid began to collect in my head and my vision began to fall sharply. The doctors explained that an operation was urgently needed. We did not have a large accumulated amount, and we decided to complete the operation abroad. We contacted Bookmed. We contacted the employee Marina. Marina quickly found a clinic for us in Turkey, organized a trip for us, flew to Turkey in a matter of days. The hospital was already waiting for us. Examined, took blood for tests and the next day an operation was scheduled. Everything went well. Then they underwent a course of radiotherapy. The results are positive, we were sent home to Ukraine (August 2021). Every 3 months they underwent MRI, the pictures were good .. But a year later, in March 2022, we heard the terrible words “relapse”, “war”. Hastily collected the necessary documents and left for Lviv. From there, by large buses, all children with cancer began to be taken out along the humanitarian corridor from Ukraine to Europe. The daughter and his wife were assigned to France. A second operation was performed, the tumor was removed, and after that a course of chemotherapy was prescribed. After a month of taking the course, the doctor said that chemotherapy was not helping. The doctor suggested experimental chemotherapy, but that didn't help either. As a result, the daughter is getting worse and worse every day. The child began to walk badly, the right leg and handle practically do not work. The child melted before my eyes. It's all very scary, but it's worse to leave Vlad without an opportunity for treatment. I again turned to Marina Bookmed Marina again very quickly found us a hospital in Turkey, helped us with the flight Paris Istanbul. Arrived at the hospital 2 days later, the operation was successful!!! After the operation, the child began to talk, swallow, and after a couple of days to walk. What I want to say Bookmed in particular Marina Provided us with moral support documentary for the second time at the highest level. Marina many thanks to you and your team THANK YOU. Здравствуйте, меня зовут Владислав Иванов, Украина, город Одесса.

В феврале 2021 года моей дочери Владе поставили диагноз анапластичная эпендимома мы неделю ходили по врачам
в попытках выяснить, почему у ребёнка начались сильные головные боли. Прошли обследования, сделали МРТ, и как факт, обнаружили опухоль головного мозга. Вот тогда у меня земля ушла из-под ног. Пришло осознание — это уже случилось, а значит нужно быстро предпринимать действия.

Первым, что мы сделали - поехали в детскую больницу в Киеве, ребёнку установили шунт. Но к сожалению, в голове стала собираться жидкость и сильно падать зрение. Врачи объяснили, что срочно необходима операция.
У нас была не большая накопленная сумма, и мы решили заделать операцию за границей.
Обратились в организацию Bookmed. Связались с сотрудником Мариной. Марина быстро нашла нам клинику в Турции организовала нам поездку спустя считанные дни вылетели в Турцию. В больнице нас уже ждали. Осмотрели, взяли кровь на анализы и на следующий день назначили операцию. Все прошло успешно. Затем прошли курс радиотерапии. Результаты положительны, нас отправили домой в Украину (август 2021 года). Каждые 3 месяца проходили МРТ, снимки были хорошие..

Но спустя год, в марте 2022 года мы услышали страшные слова «рецидив», «война». Наспех собрали необходимые документы и уехали во Львов. Оттуда большими автобусами всех онкобольных деток стали вывозить по гуманитарному коридору из Украины в Европу. Дочку с женой распределили во Францию. Был проведена повторная операция, удалили опухоль и после этого был назначен курс химиотерапии. Спустя месяц прохождения курса доктор заявил, что химиотерапия не помогает. Врач предложил экспериментальную химиотерапию, но и это не помогло.

В итоге дочке становится все хуже и хуже с каждым днём. Ребёнок стал плохо ходить, правая ножка и ручка практически не работают. Ребёнок таял на глазах. Это все очень страшно, но страшнее оставить Владу без возможности на лечение,
Я опять обратился к Марине Bookmed
Марина опять очень быстро нашла нам госпиталь в Турции помогала нам с перелетом Париж Стамбул. Прилетели в госпиталь через 2 дня сделали операцию удачно!!! После операции ребёнок начал разговаривать глотать а через пару дней ходить.
Что хочу сказать Bookmed в частности Марина
Оказала нам моральную поддержку документальную уже второй раз на высшем уровне. Марина огромное благодарность Вам и вашей команде СПАСИБО.

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Ekaterina Sep 22, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent breast augmentation in Dr. Cagri Sade Plastiс Surgery Center

I am very satisfied with the work of bookimed. The organization went very quickly, all the questions of interest were not left unanswered. And any fears disappeared after talking with the medical coordinator Ekaterina. I was introduced to the best specialists in the field of mammoplasty. And I'm very happy with my choice of Dr. Since the result of the operation exceeded all my expectations! The photo shows a comfortable room in which I was after the operation. Я очень довольна работой bookimed. Организация прошла очень быстро, все интересующие вопросы не остались без ответа. И какие либо опасения улетучились после общения с медицинским координатором Екатериной. Меня ознакомили с лучшими специалистами в области маммопластики. И я очень довольна выбором доктора! Так как результат операции превзошёл все мои ожидания!
На фото комфортабельная палата, в которой я находилась после операции.

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423 negative reviews on treatment in Estonia

Richard Sep 17, 2022
Verified review. in Medical Promise Hospital

I was shuffled to 3 different locations with a translator, then made to pay translator for test conducted, in cash, in the lobby of the third facility. Was not given a receipt and have received only PDF copies of the test results. I was told they would deliver a CD with image scans, but that never happened. The facility has quit communicating with me and I feel as though the entire episode was a scam.

WALAN Sep 17, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent in vitro fertilization (ivf) in Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

The send us to differant clinic and there location is diffucalt to find we met them after 5 muints of the appointment and they refused to accept us This is not acceptable we lost flight tickts from our country to visit them and hotels expences then they refused We wont to return the Fund to us 500 euro

Anonymous Sep 7, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent gastric balloon in SALUSS Medical Group

Not giving the correct information, very bad after care service from the clinic employees. Take over 2 month and several contacts to get a response to my complaint

Anonymous Sep 5, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent hair transplant in EsteCapelli Clinic

I was not warned that the test for hepatitis C and HIV should be taken in advance. The clinic does not check PCR, they only do a test. And if there are antibodies to hepatitis cured, you are considered contagious in them, which means that this is a different price and other doctors. I did not get what I expected for the price and did not receive the staff I expected either. Меня не предупредили о том, что анализ на гепатит с и вич нужно сдать заранее. В клинике не проверяют пцр а делают только тест. И если есть антитела к гепатиту вылеченному ты считаешься у них заразным, а значит это другая цена и другие доктора. Я не получила того чего чего ожидала по цене и того персонала которого ожидала тоже не получила.

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Marty Sep 3, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent chemical peel in Estetik International

I am disappointed with my my laser treatment and also the way I was looked after by client . I got laser on my face ,neck and hands to remember my freakles . The pigmentation on my hands and neck is quiet deep but my face wasn't too bad . On a previous visit in there Bursa clinic the doctor used different lasers dependent on the pigment and location . Here the fractional was used for all parts . My face was improved in appearance but my hands and neck are not good . The laser and the application was not good . The doctor went around in straight lines as if had wrinkles but the goal was to target and break up the existing pigmentation . This was not done therefore the results are not good . It was 31 degree outside and the clinic never bothered booking me a taxi home . Patient safety should be a priority this was very disappointing ,I felt once the money was taken over they didn't care about me . Wouldn't go back again after all this drama . The picture below is my photo a week after laser on my hands ,I don't see any improvement.

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