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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Portugal 2023

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While Rhinoplasty (nose job) treatment offers are not be available in Portugal, we've selected the TOP offers based on feedback from Bookimed patients.

Turkey, Istanbul
  • Highly experienced and award-winning plastic surgeon
  • Specialized in facial and body plastic aesthetic procedures
  • Utilizes the most updated methods available
  • Easy booking process
  • Patient reviews indicate an overall positive experience
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
-56% OFF Today
Turkey, Istanbul
Memorial Şişli Hospital offers rhinoplasty + 3D modeling packages that include everything from transportation to accommodation. The price of the operation depends on the category of doctor (specialist, associate professor, professor).
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
-13% OFF Today
Turkey, Istanbul
  • Expert Care: Patients will receive expert care from a highly qualified doctor with extensive experience in rhinoplasty, including Dr. Burak Pasinlioğlu's time spent at the Cleveland Clinic and his fellowship with world-renowned plastic surgeon Prof.Dr.Moustapha Hamdi.
  • Comprehensive Services: The offer includes consultation with a plastic surgeon, follow-up visit, language assistance, consultation with an anesthesiologist, follow-up examination, blood tests, preoperative tests, general anesthesia, video or text consultation, 4* hotel, and VIP transfer.
  • Convenience: Quartz Clinique is conveniently located in Istanbul, Turkey and serves 6,500 patients annually. It also has an international patient flow from Europe Commonwealth, Arab League States, and CIS.
  • Affordability: The all-inclusive offer provides exceptional value for money as it covers all necessary services for one low price.
  • High Quality Care: Quartz Clinique is a private multi-specialty medical center that provides high quality care to its patients.
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
-17% OFF Today
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What's the Cost for Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Portugal? Find Out Now

updated 5/31/2023
The average price of Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Portugal is $3250, the minimum price is $499, and the maximum price is $6000.
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United States of America
Closed rhinoplasty from $3000 from $861 from $2800
Open rhinoplasty - from $861 from $2800
Revision rhinoplasty from $10000 from $1077 from $3000
Rhinoplasty (nose job) from $4966 from $861 from $2500
Tip rhinoplasty from $5400 from $861 -
The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur). You’ll get the exact price for a plastic surgery procedure after a consultation with a doctor.
Below average
Above average
According to 1 clinic presented in the ranking
Discover the Best Rhinoplasty (nose job) Clinics in Portugal: 1 Verified Option and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 161 reviews to pick the right Rhinoplasty (nose job) clinic for you.
Clínica LMR
Portugal, Lisbon
About the clinic
Direct Price Guarantee
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) at Clínica LMR

One of the highly sought after procedures at Clínica LMR is Rhinoplasty, also known as Nose Surgery. The procedure takes around 1 hour 30 minutes and is done under local anesthesia with deep sedation. Before and after cases of Rhinoplasty are available on the clinic's website for reference.

Benefits of Clínica LMR and Doctor
  • The clinic offers a variety of procedures related to plastic surgery, intimate surgery, and aesthetic medicine.
  • Dra. Luísa Magalhães Ramos, the founder and certified plastic surgeon, has contributed to the success of the clinic.
  • The clinic has helped countless national and international patients to improve their aesthetics with high levels of satisfaction.
  • The clinic has a team of specialist doctors in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, and aesthetic medicine.
  • The clinic provides practical information on the surgery procedures, including anesthesia, surgery duration, recovery time, and testimonials from previous patients.
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How many days do I need to stay in Portugal?
7 days

Get a Medical Assessment for Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Portugal: Consult with 6 Experienced Doctors Now

Portugal, Lisbon
Clínica LMR
Dr. Marta Gouveia Duarte is a plastic surgeon specialized in reconstructive and ... Read more

Dr. Marta Gouveia Duarte

Dr. Marta Gouveia Duarte is a plastic surgeon specialized in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. She graduated... Read more
Portugal, Lisbon
Clínica LMR
Dr. Alice Varanda Pereira is a plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon. S... Read more

Dr. Alice Varanda Pereira

Dr. Alice Varanda Pereira is a plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon. She is a member of The Portuguese Medical... Read more
Portugal, Lisbon
Specialization: Plastic SurgeonWork Experience: Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes is ... Read more

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes

Specialization: Plastic SurgeonWork Experience: Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes is a highly experienced plastic surgeon wit... Read more

FAQ about Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Portugal

How to choose the best place to get a nose job?

Patients are often confused in choosing the best clinic to get nose surgery. However, you can follow this advice to find the best place for a nose job:

  • Specialization of a medical center. It is better to choose plastic surgery clinics, not multidisciplinary ones. The main advantage of such centers are doctors who have vast experience in successfully performed rhinoplasties. However, multidisciplinary hospitals may provide consultation of doctors specialized in related fields. Especially it is useful for complex surgical interventions.
  • Rhinoplasty specialist qualification. A right choice of a doctor is a key factor for successful nose reshaping. Before choosing the best place for rhinoplasty, carefully learn a doctor's CV, their experience, certificates, awards, and "before & after photos". You can ask for a portfolio by submitting a request on Bookimed.
  • Patients' reviews. A real experience of patients who have already had rhinoplasty will help you to choose a clinic for a nose job. You can find reviews on our website.

Which is a top country for rhinoplasty?

The best place to get rhinoplasty can be determined individually for each patient as far as it depends on many factors:

  • the location of your native country. It is better to choose countries which are easy to reach from your one. In this case, you save time and money for travel.
  • Price policy within the state. The cost of rhinoplasty ranges from country to country according to their internal price policy. The charges for accommodation and meals are also cheaper in such states. The lowest prices for rhinoplasty are in India, Turkey, some European countries (the Czech Republic, for instance).
  • Features of the climate. Some people want to combine the vacation and nose reshaping, so they prefer some exotic countries, located near the sea or mountains. In this case, the best countries for a nose job are Turkey, Thailand, the UAE, Greece. If you need any additional info or features on rhinoplasty in a particular country, just submit a request. You will receive a detailed consultation for free.

Where is the best rhinoplasty in Europe performed?

A nose job is performed in each country of Europe. However, the price of a nose reshaping may range significantly depending on a state.

The countries of Western Europe (such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland) offer 3-4 times higher rhinoplasty price than in Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic or Ukraine). Despite a price difference, the quality of the procedure remains the same.

So, if a nose job cost is a key factor for you, choose clinics located in Eastern Europe. If you value premium services, pay attention to Swiss or Spanish clinics, for instance.

Where to get a nose job in Asia?

Asia is among top destinations for plastic surgery. Clinics located in South Korea, Thailand, India provide a world-class rhinoplasty for international patients. The medical centers we cooperate with have an allowance to serve medical tourists so you can be sure of the procedure quality.

Let's compare the pros and cons of the most popular Asian countries for a nose job.

South Korea


  • Vast doctors' experience — about 1 mln plastic surgeries are performed annually in Korea
  • Takes the 5th place in the world regarding the number of performed cosmetic surgeries per year
  • Up to 99.9% of plastic surgeries in South Korea are successful.


  • The price is 2-3 times higher than in Turkey or India, but 2-3 times lower than in the USA or Canada, for instance.
  • Expensive and longtime flight from some countries.



  • Top destination for plastic surgery — about 60% of all cosmetic operations are carried out for international patients.
  • Unique nature. Patients who want to combine a vacation with plastic surgery choose Thailand for its unique and exotic nature.


  • Quite high price. People often think that Thailand provides affordable nose job. However, the price for rhinoplasty here is at the same level as in Germany or South Korea. Mostly patients from the USA choose Thailand, as far as they can save about 50% of their money here in comparison with US clinics.
  • The flight from some countries is expensive and takes much time.



  • The lowest price for rhinoplasty in Asia — Indian clinics conduct rhinoplasty about 1.5 times cheaper than Turkish, 2-4 than Korean or Thai ones.


  • The trip is arranged slowly, it takes some time to schedule your appointment.
  • If you want to receive premium assistance, better to choose other countries.
  • Flight from some countries are quite expensive.

How can you get the best rhinoplasty in the world?

Follow these steps to undergo a high-quality rhinoplasty in the shortest term:

  1. Compare the prices of rhinoplasty in different clinics and info about them.
  2. Decide what option is the most suitable for you.
  3. Submit a request on Bookimed site.
  4. Bookimed manager will contact to answer all questions: features of rhinoplasty in each country, provide a personalized quote, doctor's "before and after" photos, etc.
  5. If you agree to the clinic, a manager schedule a time of your arrival at the medical center.

Bookimed services such as consultation, booking of tickets or hotels, 24/7 support are free for a patient.

161 Recent Rhinoplasty (nose job) Reviews in Portugal: Check Real Patient Experience

All reviews are checked by Bookimed team to ensure they are real. Clinics or doctors cannot add, edit, or delete reviews.

See What Others Are Saying: Reviews of Life-Changing Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Portugal


Rositza - Rhinoplasty (nose job) in The Nose Aesthetic Clinic

Jan 26, 2023
Verified review.
"If anyone is looking for one of the best nose surgeons in Istanbul, I highly recommend Dr Cem Altindag
We are very happy that we chose Dr Cem to do septorhinoplasty on my daughter’s nose. I was very impressed with the clinic that contacted us within 5 minutes of our enquiry. We asked to virtually meet Dr Cem and he found the time to do so on the next day! Dr Cem answered all our questions at the meeting and we felt comfortable and confident in him. His wonderful assistant Mohamed was always there to patiently answer many more questions we had regarding surgery, travel, hotel, visas, etc. Our experience in Istanbul has been amazing. We were met at the airport, transferred to the hotel and did the necessary tests on the day of our arrival. The surgery was on the next day and went well. The stay at the hospital was comfortable and the staff was wonderful and caring. Mohamed stayed with us the whole time and was very helpful and supportive. Dr Cem did a fantastic job, he is very professional and skilled, always smiling and caring. The bruising and swelling were minimal. We still have to wait for another 6-12 months before the nose shape settles but from what we see now it looks very natural and nice. The hotel was clean, quiet and only metres away from shops and restaurants. The staff spoke English and were great. The clinic gave us a gift at the end of our stay – a trip to the main attractions in Istanbul, which was amazing. From start to finish our experience with Dr Cem and Mohamed has been great. Even now when we are back home, I know that I can rely on Mohamed to answer any questions we may have. If anyone is looking for one of the best nose surgeons in Istanbul, I highly recommend Dr Cem Altindag. I loved that he only specialises in noses!
About Bookimed service
Yes, I am very impressed with the support provided.

Alice - Sleeve gastrectomy in Karisoclinic

Feb 4, 2023
Verified review.
Do. Not. Book. With. Karisoclinic!! I could write you the length of the bible to tell you all the reasons why this trip have been an absolute shitstorm. So to keep it short and sweet, they’ve messed up in every possible way from the pick-ups/drop-offs, translation, times and dates, instructions, medication etc etc, Also I’m pretty sure THE CLINIC DOES NOT EXISTS. For a more in depth version, here it is… I book the trip through Bookimed and I’m promised they only work with qualified doctors and clinics. We go through everything, I’m promised a price, told everything will be set before I go I just have to book my flight, send them the info, they’ll pick me up/drop me off from/to the airport, have me check in at the hotel, go to the clinic, speak to the doctors have some tests done, yadayada, have the surgery the 2nd day, spend 2 days in hospital, rest up at the hotel for the rest of the trip, I’m given medical care if want it or need it, with a translator or an English speaker at all medical contact. Very basic, just like every other clinic. Day 1. - Arrival I arrive in Istanbul on time, I’m quite quick through the security and low and behold nobody’s there to pick me up. I figured maybe they didn’t except me to be that quick so I wait. And wait. And wait. My phone doesn’t (for whatever reason) want to connect to Wi-Fi nor am I able to use my data to contact anyone for a while. I manage to send a text after 20 minutes but I’m not getting an answer so I stay waiting at international arrivals (just in case) so the driver can easily spot me. By the time I’ve gotten an answer it’s been 1,5h. I’m directed outside to gate 13 and I tell them my internet is not working properly so please double check in case I can’t get a hold of you again. They verify. Spoiler alert it’s the wrong place. The people at 13 have no idea where I should go but the man at 14 overhears our conversation and tells me to try gate 9. I find the group of people responsible for the pick ups and they tell me the driver is still on the way. I wait another 40 minutes until the driver arrives. He smokes in the car the entire way to the hotel and by the time I get there I’m assuming its to late for any tests at the clinic because I’m told to be ready for pickup in the morning. Day 2 I go downstairs for the pick up and there’s a German couple waiting for their car, he’s getting something removed before they go home. Turns out the clinic forgot so their car isn’t coming but we’re both going to “Karisoclinic” so we agree on sharing as I had a whole van to myself. This needed an odd amount of planing over the phone between the driver and the clinic but finally they agree and we all get in the car. They explained that everyone at his unit had the same procedure so they could all share experiences which felt reassuring. I was having a different surgery so I would probably be at a different unit but we both assumed all units work the same since it’s the same clinic. He did however say that everything revolving around the clinics arrangements had been messy and as far as time management and pick ups it just flat out didn’t work. We get to a small local hospital that the couple identify as the clinic, they get out but I’m told to wait in the car. I’m driven another 30 minutes to a completely different hospital which I’m assuming might be for the tests but I later find out this is where I’m staying. It’s fair to note that none of these places had Karisoclinic written anywhere. Hospital / surgery My translator greets me at the entrance and we start moving around the hospital for tests. I’m told to sign papers completely in Turkish and whenever I ask what things mean or why I’m doing something she gives me a halfhearted answer as she either doesn’t know the answer or doesn’t know all the words in English. Before I know it I’m rolled into surgery without meeting a single surgeon or doctor for a consultation nor am I given any information about the surgery, complications, medications, aftercare, diet or anything else. I come out of surgery, and I AM BURNING UP. My body temperature has skyrocketed and I’m in excruciating pain. I’m in a room with other patients that’s also just come out of surgery and not a single person, patient or doctor speaks proper English. I am moaning from the pain, trying to get my foot out from under the covers to cool down.. to which I’m yelled at to be quiet and not show skin as there are other people in the room. When I get back to my room the translator is there and I quickly tell her how I’m feeling and that I need painkillers ASAP, she’s scrolling through Instagram and tells me I’ve already gotten some in surgery and I have to wait. I say I’m gonna be sick but she’s to invested in Instagram to hear me, I repeat myself again and again until I scream I’m going to throw up to which she finally drops her phone just in time to get me the nearest container I’m immediately sick in. I finally get some more painkillers after a lot of pleading and begging but they have NO effect. I keep telling the nurse I need stronger or different medicine as these are clearly not working. A few hours later I’m given the same stuff again but before they give it I ask them again to please give me something different to which they respond they don’t have anything else. When it’s time for the next dose and there’s been a change of staff. They manage to put two and two together and figure out I’m immune and not responding to the painkillers they’ve given me and now magically they have different, stronger stuff. Low point - During the hours of feeling the very prominent pain of every inch of every incision, lacking organ and stitch in my body I’ve been crying bloody murder, throwing up pools of blood and pissed myself. The translator has left by now but before she showed me the “help-button” attached to the bed and to press the red one until it lights up if I need a nurse. I’m told I’m not allowed to stand up or move much at all for various reasons and the nurse will give me more painkillers regularly. She says to text her if i need anything while she’s gone. Not long after she’s left I press the button as the painkillers haven’t arrived and I’m in agony. HOURS pass and I’m screaming from my room hoping someone will hear me and alert help. I can’t take the pain anymore and I manage to climb over the railings and out of my bed. Cover up my naked body in a blanket and waddle down the corridor to ask for help. A nurse says she’ll go get some painkillers and she’ll come administer them straight away. I get back in my room, grab my phone and get back into bed. ANOTHER HALF HOUR PASSES, my red light’s still shining so I contact the clinic, bookimed and the translator (she never answers) hoping someone can do something. The clinic calls the hospital and within a few minutes I’m given the medicine. I ask about the button, turns out I have to call the reception every time I need help. I pass out from exhaustion. Wake up, call for medicine but I’m told I’m only allowed an IV-drip between evening and morning (??). I was allowed the next night with different staff though. Different staff different rules. The urine, vomit and blood I’m laying in I’ve been left to lay in from afternoon day 2 - midday day 3. Day 3. I’m given painkillers and antibiotics as I have a fever and Im still burning up from after the surgery. Other than that I’m not spoken to nor checked on. When I call the reception I’m being yelled at over the phone because I haven’t managed to put on any clothing and I “need to be more modest”. I’m in my private room, in underwear, fully covered up by bedding but I needed to get fully dressed, by myself. The sweetest cleaning lady comes to bring me new towels. She sees the state of me so she cleans me off, brings me new bedding and tucks me in. While she’s doing this I manage to put a shirt on which in hindsight seems to get me more help in the long run. A few hours later a nurse comes in to give me medicine, sees I’ve squirted more blood on the floor while napping, asks where it’s from to which I say I’m not sure and starts looking for a leaking wound… she sighs, rolls her eyes and leaves.. not to come back. Day 4-7. It’s my last day in the hospital and I’m more than ready to leave. I’ve recovered pretty well the past 24h, the fevers gone, I’m not in as much pain, I’m able to move around a lot better and I have no interest in staying another minute in that hospital. Im told the driver is picking up medicine on the way back as well as compression socks and it’s very important that I wear them all week, day and night. I get back to the hotel and notice the socks aren’t in the bag and that all the instructions and information for the medications are in Turkish. I immediately text the clinic so that they can get me the information I need. Real basic questions such as: Dosage? How many times a day? Every day? What are they? Which is which? I’ve been given injections, where do I inject myself? Compression socks? (I tried buying compression socks myself but no pharmacies had them and literally no one spoke English so it was damn near impossible to find any). They said they would get back to me. A day goes by without an answer. I ask again and explain I’ve had embolisms before and it’s really important I at the very least take the injections as prescribed and get the compression socks asap to avoid serious damage on my health. I’m told again that they will check and get back to me. This time I get a response but with little to no valuable information. Still no dosage, no info on what they are, nothing on the injections nor the socks. It’s a whole mess and a bunch of back and forth until I’m on the third day miss-dosing my medication or not having it at all. Now I’m getting seriously concerned for my health as my fevers back up and my well-being is generally deteriorating. I’m getting noticeably more annoyed and pushy for the right information and I’m asking to meet with a nurse that speaks English preferably at the actual clinic that I’ve booked (Karisoclinic). This is not possible and I’m told to go to a local scruffy (!!) ER where (again) nobody speaks English and without a translator.. but if I “show them the injections” they’ll just give them to me. I raise my concerns with bookimed and make it clear I’m not happy. I finally get a call from the director of the clinic and it’s safe to say I’m fed up at this point. She arranges for the driver (who alsoooo doesn’t speak a lick of English) to come to the hotel, come with me to the ER at 18:00 the remainder of the two days and tell them to inject me. She also promised to find out the info on my other medicines. Ofc the medical staff at the ER wants info on things I can’t answer as I don’t speak Turkish and they don’t speak English but after a few ifs and buts I’m finally given the injections. The next day the driver doesn’t show up.. I’m only told he’s late when i ask why he hasn’t showed up. I missed the appointment for the injections that day as I had another appointment booked 1h later with a medispa that was already paid for which I informed the clinic on. I was continually told a few more minutes over and over again over the hour until it was too late. He showed up 1,5 h later. The next morning I was picked up for the airport 7 HOURS before my flight left, for a 1 hour drive. At that point I just accepted it. At no point during the trip the clinic respected my time nor anyone else’s. They continued to give me wrong information or no information. They failed to support me through communication between me and literally any medical staff. Note Almost all of the communication is through body language or rough translation via Google translate. The translator was there a few hours on the surgery day and for like 4 minutes at the hospital entrance when the driver picked me up from the hospital. I was at a local Turkish hospital with Turkish staff (who btw had never heard of Karisoclinic) and Turkish patients who all spoke Turkish.
About Bookimed service
No, I asked for an email and someone I could turn to for complaints but was asked to write it in the WhatsApp chat instead.. when I said it’s long I was just sent a link for the review.

Janet Rose - Rhinoplasty (nose job) in The Nose Aesthetic Clinic

Jan 23, 2023
Verified review.
"I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone!"
I will start by thanking Stanislav, the coordinating doctor of Bookimed, with whom I contacted at the beginning and who suggested that I do rhinoplasty at the Clinic of Nose Aesthetics with Dr. Cem Altindag. I liked the professional qualities of the coordinator - I found out the answers to my questions, agreed on everything in advance and flew to Istanbul without fear. Dr. Mohammed treats patients wonderfully. He was always ready to help in solving any problems and questions. Thanks to this, the stay in Istanbul turned out to be joyful and comfortable. The surgeon himself, Cem Altindag, is a very experienced doctor. He simultaneously listens to the wishes of the patients and finds the best solution, taking into account the realism of the wishes and the well-being of the patient. He is a very honest person and cares about doing his job well. The final result can be seen only after a while, but the operation itself went well and the initial result was very pleasing: everything is as expected, and most importantly, it looks natural. Special thanks to the staff: it was easy to trust them and they showed genuine concern. The room was clean, comfortable and pleasant to be in. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone! (Janeta)
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Renee Baillie - Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Gilenis Surgical Center
United States of America

Dec 24, 2022
Verified review.
- "My dental work as well as my amazing nose job - natural and perfect
Amazing service and was taken care of by Dr. Ana and the Bookimed team. I booked two services - dental crowns with Dr Ana and rhinoplasty with Dr Deborah at Gilenis. Easy process, and I am so so happy with the results. My new emax crowns and dental work are perfect, Dr Ana did a thorough job and guaranteed the work and did a follow up check with any revisions. Dr Deborah did my rhinoplasty. And I just sent her the biggest thank you note, as I was the most nervous on this procedure. I am at day 8, and my nose swelling is looking better and better everyday AND perfect!!!! I cannot wait to see the final final results, but I am so happy. It is still my nose and natural like I wanted, but so much better. My dorsal hump is gone, and my nostrils and tip are smaller and a little less round. And the profile - that is the biggest positive change immediately! I was on zoom today on day 8, and no one noticed but mentioned how good I looked (exactly what I wanted!). My dental work as well as my amazing nose job - natural and perfect. I plan to refer anyone who needs work done, and go back in a couple weeks for a lip lift as my nose is healing so well.
About Bookimed service
Very much! And Dr Ana really took care of me once I got to Tijuana while the Bookimed t3am checked it and nade sure everything was arranged as well as chevking that everything was going smoothly. Thank you!

Domino Puttick - Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Nov 29, 2022
Verified review.
Altogether I couldn’t recommend Bookimed and Istanbul Aesthetic centre more highly, it was a great experience
Everything was highly organised, clean and professional. I read a few mixed reviews and was a little nervous about some of them so I wanted to leave a review of my experience to help put peoples minds at ease. I booked through bookimed with Bakr and had Yasin as my coordinator at the hospital. They organised airport transfer, car transfer from hotel to hospital. The hospital was extremely efficient, I checked in and was shown to my room. The doctors took preliminary blood tests and I saw the surgeon (Dr Ergin) for a consultation then went into surgery about an hour later. I was there overnight and the nurses were great. I had a private room and meals were provided. I stayed at the hotel for a week and went back to the hospital for a check up after a week as per protocol for follow up. Altogether I couldn’t recommend Bookimed and Istanbul Aesthetic centre more highly, it was a great experience.
About Bookimed service
Yes absolutely
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