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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for Penis enlargement in Turkey 2023

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Fahad Mawlood - General practitioner. Winner of 4 scientific awards. Served in Western Asia. Former Team Leader of a medical team supporting Arabic-speaking patients. Now responsible for data processing and medical content accuracy.

Penis enlargement Overview in Turkey

Related procedures & Costs
How it works
What to expect
Pros & Cons
Surgery Time - 2 hours
Stay in the country - 3 days
Rehabilitation - 1 day
Anesthesia - Local anesthesia
Requests processed - 110449
Bookimed fees - $0
Types of Phalloplasty
  • Phalloplasty - from 691$

    The operation designs a penis from body tissue, enhancing physical comfort and identity expression for trans men.

  • The procedure corrects bent penises. It straightens manhood, easing discomfort during sex, boosting confidence, and overall sexual experience.

  • This therapy corrects erectile dysfunction using implants, enhancing sexual function with a high success rate and patient satisfaction.

  • Scrotoplasty - from 2180$

    The operation tightens loose scrotal skin, improving comfort and aesthetics. It is a minor, often outpatient surgery.

  • Male organ size enhancement with safe surgical interventions to improve self-confidence and sexual satisfaction.

  • Penis filler - from 2180$

    This treatment enhances penis girth using hyaluronic acid injections, a non-surgical procedure with quick recovery times.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap

Day 1

  • Arrive in the country and transfer to hotel.
  • Begin language assistance services if needed.

Day 2

  • Transfer from hotel to clinic.
  • Consult with a urologist and anesthesiologist.
  • Undergo pre-operation tests and procedures.
  • Return to hotel to rest.

Day 3

  • Transfer to clinic for the operation.
  • Penis enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The surgery lasts approximately 1-2 hours.
  • Post-operation care begins in the clinic.
  • Transfer back to hotel.

Day 4

  • Rest and recover at the hotel.
  • Follow post-operation care instructions.

Day 5

  • Return to clinic for post-operation check-up.
  • Receive further instructions for home care.
  • Transfer back to hotel.

Day 6

  • Rest and recover at the hotel.
  • Continue to follow home care instructions.

Day 7

  • Check out from hotel.
  • Transfer to airport for departure.

Week 1-4

  • Continue recovery at home.
  • Resume work after 2 weeks post-surgery.
  • After 4 weeks, light physical activities can be resumed.

Week 5-8

  • Gradual return to regular physical activities.
  • See the final result after 8 weeks.

Please note that each case is individual and recovery times may vary.

What patients like:

  1. Cost. The Penis enlargement cost in Turkey ranges from 3216$ to 11000$. This price is significantly lower compared to the average cost in the US, which is around $15000.
  2. Doctor’s professionalism. Patients appreciate the high level of professionalism demonstrated by the medical practitioners. Their qualifications, including relevant certificates and membership in professional bodies, inspire confidence.
  3. Service level. Excellent service is a common appreciation among patients. Good communication is frequently mentioned, making patients feel comfortable and well-informed.
  4. Penis enlargement efficacy. Patients report satisfaction with the outcomes of the procedure. Modern techniques used in Turkey contribute to the effective results.
  5. Logistics. Patients find the logistics process smooth and hassle-free, adding to their overall positive experience.

What patients don't like:

  1. Waiting time. Some patients express dissatisfaction with the waiting time, which can be longer than expected.
  2. Lack of detailed information. Patients sometimes feel that they are not provided with enough detailed information about the procedure.
  3. Language barriers. Although the service level is high, language barriers can sometimes pose challenges for international patients.

Discover the Hottest Penis enlargement Packages of the Season

clinic image
clinic image clinic image
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Mexico, Tijuana
Advance Health Medical Center
Premium Penis enlargement All Included
5.0 Excellent score 3 reviews
All Inclusive Package

Don't Miss Out On Exclusive Penis enlargement Deals in Turkey for December 2023

Limited-time deal
Turkey, Antalya
Plastic surgeon - Mehmet Ali Korkmaz
11 years of experience
  • Receive a personalized consultation with Dr. Erol Demirseren, a renowned specialist in plastic surgery with over 20 years of experience.
  • Get safe and reliable medical services at AYT Clinic, a private multi-specialty medical center located in Antalya, Turkey.
  • The offer includes all necessary tests, medications, general anesthesia, hospitalization and hotel stay.
  • Enjoy language assistance and post-op care from the clinic's professional team.
  • Take advantage of transfers from the airport and back.
Read more
Package price
Get a $559 discount
Turkey, İzmir
Plastic surgeon - Candan Mezili
12 years of experience
  • Experience and Expertise: Dr. Candan Mezili has been a plastic surgeon since 2011, so you can be sure he has the expertise to provide you with the best care.
  • Comfortable Stay: Enjoy a 1-day stay in the hospital and 4 days stay in the hotel for convenience and comfort.
  • Affordable Pricing: Get the premium enlargement package at an affordable price.
  • Transfer Service: Enjoy a transfer service from airport to hotel to clinic to airport.
  • High Quality Care: Receive high quality care from the staff at Plastic Surgeon Dr. Candan Mezili.
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Package price
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What's the Cost for Penis enlargement in Turkey? Find Out Now

updated 11/30/2023
The average cost of Penis enlargement in Turkey ranges from 3216$ to 11000$. The offers include consultation with a plastic surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and a cardiologist, vascular surgeon, and urologist; preoperative and blood tests; general and local anesthesia; ECG mapping; chest x-ray; post-op medications; language assistance; consumable materials; follow-up examination, visit, and hospitalization; VIP transfer; and penis enlargement.
Request the price
United States of America
Penis enlargement from $16000 from $3500 from $5300
The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur). You’ll get the exact price for a plastic surgery procedure after a consultation with a doctor.
Below average
Above average
According to 19 clinics presented in the ranking
Discover the Best Penis enlargement Clinics in Turkey: 19 Verified Options and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 4 reviews to pick the right Penis enlargement clinic for you.
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Best price
Turkey, Istanbul
99% patients recommend

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is a Turkish clinic specialized in aesthetic, plastic and dental procedures, hair transplant, and Brazilian butt lift, in particular. It offers the newest methods as Vaser liposuction, FUE and DHI hair transplants, PRP therapy for hair loss treatment. Over 4,000 patients choose Istanbul Aesthetics for plastic procedures. Hair and beard transplant by local specialists is popular with patients from the UK, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and Argentina.

The clinic offers Penis enlargement in Turkey with the help of a highly experienced plastic surgeon - Prof. Gürhan Özcan, who has over 35 years of practice. The Standard Penis Enlargement All Included package includes consultation with a plastic surgeon, language assistance, consultation with an anesthesiologist, post-op medications, medications, blood tests, and other services.

The clinic provides excellent services and care for all its patients, as many positive reviews can attest. If you are looking for a safe and reliable Penis enlargement in Turkey, save time and book an appointment at Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center.

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Penis enlargement Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
I had a 10* experience and highly recommend your clinic, I will be back next year!, thank you so much for everything!!!, Super Service, Quality and Experience!
— Jacob Gilles van Praag
Netherlands, Oct 14, 2023
Oct 14, 2023 • Verified review.
Penis enlargement
Package price
Estetik International - Istanbul
Turkey, Istanbul
88% patients recommend

Estetik International - Istanbul is a private multi-specialty medical center in Istanbul, Turkey. The team is dedicated to dental treatment, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Estetik International - Istanbul serves only adults. 3250 patients choose Estetik International - Istanbul to get medical care every year. Patients from Europe, the Commonwealth, the Balkans, and Russian-speaking countries visit the clinic most often.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Best Plastic Surgery Center 2018 certificate for Estetik International - Istanbul Patient choice in Plastic surgery certificate for Estetik International - Istanbul

Penis enlargement Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Hello. The operation was performed at the Estetik International clinic. The clinic looks expensive. Everything in it is beautiful, expensive, rich, an excellent ward, and so on. But. A lot but. I'll start. Bukemed organized everything quickly. They are great. Only I clarified a couple of times when to take tickets back home. They said on the 14th. And the operation was on the 10th. Analyzes on the 8th. 9 clinic day off. Arriving at the clinic, the translator Ozan, the translator, tells me that she should fly 17-18 back. Since the days are counted from the moment of the operation. That is, I was not correctly informed in bookimed. OK. I left earlier. The doctor said everything is healing. The clinic itself and its attitude towards me. I had a lift and an increase. The operation was carried out on the 10th at about 15.00. On the 11th at 14.00 I was told that I had an hour to get ready and the transfer would take me to the hotel. I begged to leave me for a day or at least until the morning in the clinic. Since it was terribly hard for me, everything hurt a lot. I couldn't get up, get dressed, etc. I felt dizzy and my blood pressure dropped. But I was told 250€ a day at the clinic or go to the hotel. I went to the hotel. I had drainage. It needs to be cleaned. I was told to do it myself. Once a translator came for me. Since I refused to do it myself because I could just faint from all this. The next day, a friend helped me to do this, and then they removed the drainage and sent me home the next day. And here the most interesting begins. Manager Katerina or coordinator. I don't know her position correctly. I'll attach a screen recording showing the dialog. Transfer to the airport is included in the price of all this. I started talking about the transfer in the evening before the day of departure. Then in the morning. Then I was told to expect a transfer. Then they said that it was broken or something else and that I would call a taxi myself. I couldn't do it because I couldn't pay. The card already had a limit on funds. There is such a law in Ukraine. 100.000 UAH per month I can spend abroad. For a very long time I was hung up with a taxi. The plane is in a couple of hours. A child is waiting at home. I'm on my nerves. Due to the lack of specifics and information, at the end of all this, I just lost my temper and could not find other words except mats and tears. In the end, they called me a taxi. I'm going. With full confidence that he was paid. The taxi driver shows the amount. And I understand that it is not paid. I had to ask for a card from their parents. Attach it to your phone and pay. Next, I go to the airport. I understand that I won't be able to. The clinic helped only in the fact that they checked me in for the flight. When they realized that I could really be late, and then they would have to resolve the issue with tickets and the hotel at their own expense, since it was all their fault. There are 100+ people in line at passport control. I understand I can't. Spit in an hour exactly. The gate has already been opened. And I decide to try. I just asked each person if I could go in front of him, and so I went in line and got on the plane. Now the clinic does not respond to me. Bookimed said that the money would be returned for a taxi, but this issue could be resolved for months. But I'm really looking forward to it. Katerina said the issue is under consideration by the authorities. For the past three days does not answer at what stage the question. Regarding the doctor. All OK. I had a difficult breast situation. He corrected her. But so far it's only been a week. I think it's definitely better than it was. But he didn't hear me. I asked for bigger breasts. I installed a 400 ml implant, but I don’t like it because there is no volume anyway.
— Анна
Spain, Oct 18, 2022
Oct 18, 2022 • Verified review.
Penis enlargement $8990
AquaHealth Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
100% patients recommend

AquaHealth Clinic is a private multi-specialty medical center located in Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic's team is dedicated to urology, sexology, and dental treatment. The clinic has got over 30 years of experience. AquaHealth Clinic serves only adults. 50 patients choose AquaHealth Clinic to get medical care every year. Patients from Europe & Commonwealth visit the clinic most often.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for AquaHealth Clinic
Kucukcekmece Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
74% patients recommend

Kucukcekmece Hospital is a multidisciplinary clinic located in Istanbul, Türkiye. The strongest specialties are hair transplant plastic aesthetic, teeth treatment, bariatric surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and cardiology. Kucukcekmece Hospital serves both adults and children. 45,000 patients choose the clinic to get medical care every year. 

Major international patient flow comes from the USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Arab League States.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for Kucukcekmece Hospital

Penis enlargement Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
I did a tummy tuck + breast lift + full liposuction only 10 Days ago, I’m not able to see final results yet but so far I am extremely happy. The staff at the. Clinic was extremely nice and making sure I was as comfortable as possible and always available.. The staff speaks little English but we had the chance to have translator that make’s himself available at any time of the day , and he really accommodate us . They are all extremely nice . The surgeon was excellent I was very lucky to have him and he did an excellent work. I had a great experience thanks to all for everything!
— Ibtisem Gauthier
Ireland, Nov 8, 2023
Nov 8, 2023 • Verified review.
Penis enlargement $4800 - $4831
Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
Limited-time deal
Turkey, Istanbul
95% patients recommend

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is a multi-specialty medical center in Istanbul, Turkey. Certified by JCI and highly rated for its patient care and safety, this clinic offers a variety of medical treatments. Patients from around the world, including from CIS, Balkans and African countries, choose Hisar Hospital for medical care. Highly experienced doctor Basri Cakiroglu, Assoc. Prof. M.D., specializes in urology and andrology and offers Penis Enlargement in Turkey procedure. The offer includes consultation, VIP transfer, hospitalization, transfer airport-hotel-clinic-airport and a 3-day stay in the hospital.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Joint Commission International  certificate for Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

Penis enlargement Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Many thanks to Bookimed for the opportunity to meet different specialists and clinics in Turkey, compare, read reviews, and study information in an understandable language. It’s hard to even imagine how much time, financial and professional costs it took for the creators to make the information so accessible and complete for the patient. Thank you for your work and choosing such a useful niche as this! It is so important for the patient to be able to communicate with the manager at any time: to talk, consult, discuss personal issues and possible risks. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Before finding you, I had experience communicating with two organizations that provide services in the field of medical tourism, but unfortunately, commerce and the desire to sell specific specialists without options is alarming and does not inspire confidence at all. On the other hand, I’m even glad that I had such a short communication experience, especially since I was able to evaluate the capabilities of Bookimed! I understand that for the reader my review may be similar to an ode of praise, but as they say, “you can’t erase words from a song.”))) Therefore, I can only continue to talk about how it was in my specific case. Thanks to the Khizar clinic for a luxurious spacious room with floor-to-ceiling windows, an additional sofa for visitors, as well as delicious meals three times a day. It would seem difficult to surprise us with high-quality Turkish service in a hotel, but when your stay in the clinic is exactly the same as in a hotel, it is much more valuable at a time when you are absolutely alone in a foreign country and your physical capabilities are temporarily limited. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail: it so happened that I arrived for the operation unaccompanied, with a small backpack. This was extremely important for me: everything I could need was provided or was already available in my favorite room opposite the reception. The operation was scheduled for the afternoon, so the most difficult time was at night. The nurse who was on night duty did a tremendous job and until 6 am did everything as required according to the protocol after the operation. Yes, you can say, how could it be otherwise, you paid the money and it should be so, but you and I know very well that no one has canceled the human factor, and patients in this state after surgery cannot always read carefully in English doctor's recommendation language. Therefore, I send rays of love to this Great Man!!! Every 40 minutes He applied cold compresses, fed me even at night, and then took me for a walk along the long corridor of the clinic. This is an invaluable experience for me, not only because it is important for rehabilitation and health, but also for my personal faith in people. Low bow to the doctor for his professionalism, ability to listen to the patient and a high-quality operation. I would also like to thank Gulshirin Beshimova for the opportunity to make my stay in Turkey as comfortable as possible. Just as theater begins with a coat rack, so in my case Istanbul greeted me with a friendly smile from the driver and a luxurious car. It is impossible not to mention Alpay. I’ve been driving for 20 years, but I’ve never seen anyone pay such attention to the car and the passengers sitting in the back seat: TV, music from all over the world, water of different temperatures, drinks, napkins, a footrest for comfortable feet, and even a fresh bouquet of herbs to scent the salon! My applause!!! Bookimed! Türkiye! You have won me over! What a pity that I didn’t know before that everything could be like this! She curtsied. Your Eva❤️
— Anonymous
Germany, Sep 29, 2023
Sep 29, 2023 • Verified review.
Rhinoplasty (nose job):  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Penis enlargement
Package price

3 Before & after photos

Browse Penis enlargement before & after photos shared by doctors from different clinics.
Hermes Clinics
Turkey, Istanbul
84% patients recommend

Hermes Clinics is a healthcare network that provides medical services in Istanbul, Turkey. Hermes Clinics offer treatments and packages that include the therapy plan, VIP transfer from-to the airport, a guide that speaks your language, accommodation at prestigious 5 stars hotels in Istanbul, lifetime online consultation option.


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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Joint Commission International  certificate for Hermes Clinics

Penis enlargement Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
This place is a money hungry butcher shop. They sent me away with a terrible infection that landed me in another hospital for a month in intensive care and two more surgeries that cost twice as much. My legs look like show leather and are really butchered up. My face is still swollen and it’s been 2 months. This company is the worst company for healthcare and compassion. They got their money and left me to rot. No follow up care what so ever. I couldn’t even clean myself up. The infection was so bad. There was no support. The doctor said someone would come by and give me a shower and they went out of town. Someone that wasn’t part of the support system came to help me. I needed a professional. Just before I left I was septic. NO HELPED me at all. They ignored the symptoms I reported. They sent me out of the country without paperwork that I was fit to travel. Which I wasn’t. I was lucky to finally get home and check into a hospital immediately.
— Cynthia Martinian
Singapore, Jan 31, 2023
Jan 31, 2023 • Verified review.
Memorial Şişli Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
89% patients recommend

Memorial Şişli Hospital in Istanbul is the largest multidisciplinary medical center in Istanbul. It is the 1st hospital in Turkeу and the 21st in the world accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) for the high quality of treatment.

Memorial Şişli specialties are the following: oncology, bone marrow transplant, in vitro fertilization (IVF), neurosurgery, and organ transplant. The success rate of organ transplant at Memorial is 90%.

Patients from 92 countries choose Memorial Şişli for treatment annually.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Memorial Şişli Hospital Joint Commission International  certificate for Memorial Şişli Hospital

Penis enlargement Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
I am very pleased that I made my choice and trusted the doctor, Professor Abdullah Ozkaya. It was this doctor who inspired confidence at our first meeting, was attentive, and answered all questions clearly and correctly. The clinic did not play any significance for me when choosing. Before that I was in 3 other clinics. But the doctors in those clinics did not inspire confidence in me. I think every person should find their own doctor. And a lot depends on the translator, how correctly he will translate everything. In other clinics, translators were incompetent. And of course, a big thank you to Anastasia, an employee of the Bookimed website ❤️
— Ситора
Uzbekistan, Nov 3, 2023
Nov 3, 2023 • Verified review.
Private Koru Ankara Hospital
Turkey, Ankara
92% patients recommend

Private Koru Ankara Hospital is a private multi-specialty medical center located in Ankara, Turkey. The team is dedicated to Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery. Private Koru Ankara Hospital serves both adults and children. 350,000 patients choose Private Koru Ankara Hospital to get medical care every year. Patients from Russian Speaking Countries, Europe & Commonwealth and Arab League States visit the clinic most often.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for Private Koru Ankara Hospital
Lokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
92% patients recommend

Lokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital (former Adatip International Hospital) is a private multi-specialty medical center located in Istanbul, Turkey. Top specialties here are neurosurgery, orthopedics, spinal surgery, and weight loss surgery. Lokman Hekim serves both adults and children. Patients from the CIS, Africa, and Arab League States visit the clinic most often.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV NORD CERT certificate for Lokman Hekim Istanbul Hospital

Penis enlargement Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
We contacted the clinic through the website and literally in 5-10 minutes contacted us and within 2 hours they found a doctor and sent us a transport. Everything is well organized, a good competent doctor, translators and a curator. I did not regret a single gram that they turned. Thank you all for the excellent work.
— Индира
Kazakhstan, Sep 12, 2021
Sep 12, 2021 • Verified review.
Turkey, Istanbul
92% patients recommend

ClinicExpert is a state multi-specialty medical center located in Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic team is dedicated to dental treatment, plastic surgery, and weight loss surgery. ClinicExpert is an international health tourism company that aims to bring patients together with the proper treatment methods and reliable health institutions. With expert staff, ClinicExpert offers many center options with advanced technology and reliable treatment to guests looking for health solutions. The doctors and medical centers ClinicExpert works with are chosen to provide high service standards. Accommodation options are also diversified for patients. ClinicExpert serves only adults. Almost 95000 patients choose ClinicExpert for medical care every year. The clinic is most frequently visited by patients from Europe, the Commonwealth, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Russian-speaking countries.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV NORD CERT certificate for ClinicExpert International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders Certificate certificate for ClinicExpert Patient choice in Plastic surgery certificate for ClinicExpert Best Plastic Surgery Center 2018 certificate for ClinicExpert Patient choice for Hair transplant certificate for ClinicExpert

Your Medical Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Advice

How many days do I need to stay in Turkey?
3 days
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel on full board basis — $100. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $50. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $30. Lunch & dinner — $15.
Some clinics include 4- or 5-star hotel stay in the procedure cost.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK: visa is not required. For citizens of the USA: online visa is available — $76.50.
For citizens of other countries — please visit to find more details on entry requirements to Turkey.
What payment options are available?
PayPal, cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).
Flight tickets to Turkey: are not included in the price.
Transfer: most of clinics provide a free airport-clinic-airport transfer for patients coming for the procedure.

Get a Medical Assessment for Penis enlargement in Turkey: Consult with 31 Experienced Doctors Now

FAQ about Penis enlargement in Turkey

  1. Is penis enlargement in Turkey safe?
    Yes, penis enlargement in Turkey is safe and there are plenty of doctors and clinics that offer the procedure. The country has some of the world’s best medical professionals and they use the latest technology and techniques to ensure a safe and successful outcome. The doctors will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance before the procedure so that you can make an informed decision.

  2. How much does penis enlargement cost in Turkey?
    The cost of penis enlargement in Turkey depends on the type of procedure and the doctor performing the procedure. Generally, the cost ranges from around $1,500 to $4,500, depending on the complexity of the procedure. It is important to consult with your doctor to get an accurate price quote before undergoing the procedure.

  3. What are the risks associated with penis enlargement in Turkey?
    As with any medical procedure, there are certain risks associated with penis enlargement in Turkey. These include infection, bleeding, scarring, and nerve damage. It is important to discuss these risks with your doctor before undergoing the procedure.
  4. Is the procedure painful?
    The procedure is generally not painful, although there may be some discomfort. Your doctor will provide you with anesthetics to ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure.

  5. Does penis enlargement in Turkey work?
    Yes, penis enlargement in Turkey is effective and the results are permanent. Studies have shown that the procedure can increase penis size by up to three inches. However, it is important to remember that the results may vary from person to person.
  6. How long does the procedure take?
    Generally, the procedure takes around an hour to complete. However, the exact duration of the procedure will depend on the complexity of the procedure.
  7. How long does it take to recover from penis enlargement in Turkey?
    Recovery time varies from person to person, but typically, it takes around a week to 10 days to fully recover from the procedure. During this time, it is important to follow the instructions of your doctor to ensure a quick and successful recovery.
  8. Are there any side effects of penis enlargement in Turkey?
    Generally, there are no serious side effects associated with the procedure. However, some people may experience temporary bruising, swelling, and redness. It is important to discuss any potential side effects with your doctor before undergoing the procedure.
  9. What are the benefits of penis enlargement in Turkey?
    The main benefit of penis enlargement in Turkey is that it can help to increase the size of the penis, resulting in a more confident and improved self-image. Additionally, the procedure can also help to improve sexual performance and satisfaction.
  10. What should I expect during the consultation?
    During the consultation, your doctor will discuss the procedure in detail, including the risks and potential side effects. They will also ask about your medical history and any medications you are taking. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure and to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident with the doctor.
This page may feature information relating to various medical conditions, treatments, and healthcare services available in different countries. Please be advised that the content is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or guidance. Please consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before starting or changing medical treatment.

4 Recent Penis enlargement Reviews in Turkey: Check Real Patient Experience

All reviews are checked by Bookimed team to ensure they are real. Clinics or doctors cannot add, edit, or delete reviews.

See What Others Are Saying: Reviews of Life-Changing Penis enlargement in Turkey

Евгений • Penis enlargement in Dr. MED Clinic
United Kingdom

Aug 7, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
The surgery went well and it was worth it! I recommend!
Everything was super, professional doctors and the staff in general are very friendly and caring. I especially want to thank my personal manager Yasmin, who took care of everything and helped me with any issues at any time and who supervised me throughout the whole process and after it. The surgery went well and it was worth it! I recommend!
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Jacob Gilles van Praag • Penis enlargement in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

Oct 14, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
I had a 10* experience and highly recommend your clinic, I will be back next year!, thank you so much for everything!!!, Super Service, Quality and Experience!
I had a 10* experience and highly recommend your clinic, I will be back next year!, thank you so much for everything!!!, Super Service, Quality and Experience!

Lee • Penis enlargement in Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
United Kingdom

Jul 16, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
Brilliant service 👏
Brilliant service 👏 Good communication

Евгений • Penis enlargement in Dr. MED Clinic

May 12, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
Thank you Dr Med!
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On you may find choice and convenience to find the best Penis enlargement medical solutions from top medical services providers just in one place, and often at competitive prices. Making sure to deliver the freshest information, the clinic’s representatives update doctors’ CVs, clinics’ capacities, before-after pictures, prices, packages, and specials by themselves shortly. You may meet the clinic’s representative and check the date of updated content at every clinic’s page to make sure of its trustworthiness.

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The consistency, accuracy of data, and adherence to the highest standards of medical writing is proved by the Bookimed Medical Advisory Board expert — Doctor Bulent Cihantimur.

Doctor B. is a top-rated plastic surgeon from Turkey with over 20 years of practice. Ranked among 50 best world’s plastic surgeons. Author of 8 innovative plastic surgery methods. 

Dr. Cihantimur has a wide range of experience and expertise, including breast augmentation and reconstruction, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and rhinoplasty. Is a member of 7 professional American, Turkish and international associations.

Cooperates with Bookimed from 2020 and arranges training trips for the Bookimed’s coordinators to his clinics. 

The Medical Advisory Board expert is a verified credible medical professional with solid theoretical background and practical experience in the field. The expert provides support related to medical content accuracy for medical writers and performs educational workshops to Bookimed coordinators serving patient requests.

The medical content creation under the expert’s control follows rigorous and well-established procedure to be informative, trustworthy, and transparent and making a credible source of evidence-based health information.

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