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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for Belt Lipectomy in Turkey 2023

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Dr. Hakan Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
doctor Dr Hakan Aksoy
18 years of experience
Dr Hakan Aksoy
Surgeon's portfolio
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Offer title: Premium Liposuction All Included with Dr. Hakan Aksoy Main 5 benefits of choosing Dr. Hakan Aksoy, dr Hakan clinic, and the Liposuction offer: 1. Highly experienced and reputable doctor: Dr. Hakan Aksoy, with 18 years of experience, is a trusted and skilled plastic surgeon. His expertise in liposuction ensures a safe and effective procedure with optimal results. 2. State-of-the-art clinic: Dr. Hakan clinic is a private single-specialty medical center dedicated to plastic surgery. Equipped with modern technology and facilities, the clinic provides a comfortable and professional environment for patients seeking liposuction. 3. All-inclusive package: The Premium Liposuction All Included offer covers all aspects of your treatment. In addition to the liposuction procedure itself, the package includes a 1-day stay in the hospital and a 4-day stay in a 4-star hotel. This ensures a seamless and stress-free experience, with all your needs taken care of. 4. Convenient location: Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Hakan clinic attracts patients from all over the world. Patients from Europe, Commonwealth, Arab League States, USA, Canada, and Australia visit the clinic most often. The clinic's accessibility and reputation make it an ideal choice for international patients seeking high-quality liposuction. 5. Personalized care and attention: Dr. Hakan Aksoy and his team at the clinic are dedicated to providing individualized care to each patient. From the initial consultation to post-operative follow-up, you can expect personalized attention and support throughout your liposuction journey. With Dr. Hakan Aksoy's expertise, dr Hakan clinic's state-of-the-art facilities, and the all-inclusive Premium Liposuction package, you can confidently choose this offer for a safe, comfortable, and successful liposuction experience.
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Premium Liposuction All Included
Best price
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Happy Esthetic Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
doctor Soner Tezcan
14 years of experience
Soner Tezcan
Surgeon's portfolio
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Offer Title: Get a Belt Lipectomy All Included with Dr. Soner Tezcan at Happy Esthetic Clinic Benefits of choosing this doctor, clinic, and Belt Lipectomy offer: 1. Expertise and Experience: Dr. Soner Tezcan is a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon with years of training and practice. He has completed his specialty training in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery and has worked at renowned hospitals. His extensive knowledge and expertise make him a reliable choice for your Belt Lipectomy procedure. 2. State-of-the-Art Clinic: Happy Esthetic is a private multi-specialty medical center equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities. The clinic is dedicated to plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and cosmetology, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care during your Belt Lipectomy procedure. 3. International Patient Care: Happy Esthetic is well-known for providing excellent care to international patients. They have experience in serving patients from Europe, Commonwealth countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Russian-speaking countries. The clinic understands the unique needs of international patients and ensures a comfortable and seamless experience from start to finish. 4. All-Inclusive Offer: The Belt Lipectomy All Included offer covers all the essential aspects of your procedure and recovery. It includes a consultation with Dr. Soner Tezcan, preoperative tests, hospitalization, and a postoperative hotel stay. Additionally, airport transfers are also provided for your convenience, ensuring a stress-free experience throughout your journey. 5. Short Duration: The Belt Lipectomy procedure requires a short duration of stay. You will spend 2 days in the hospital for the procedure and 5 days in a comfortable hotel for your recovery. This allows you to undergo the treatment efficiently and return to your regular routine as soon as possible. Choose Dr. Soner Tezcan at Happy Esthetic Clinic for your Belt Lipectomy and benefit from the expertise of a skilled surgeon, state-of-the-art facilities, international patient care, an all-inclusive offer, and a short duration of stay. Book your consultation now and take the first step towards achieving your desired results.
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Belt Lipectomy All Included
per package
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Fahad Mawlood - General practitioner. Winner of 4 scientific awards. Served in Western Asia. Former Team Leader of a medical team supporting Arabic-speaking patients. Now responsible for data processing and medical content accuracy.

Belt Lipectomy Overview in Turkey

Related procedures & Costs
How it works
What to expect
Pros & Cons
Surgery Time - 4 hours
Stay in the country - 7 days
Rehabilitation - 4 days
Anesthesia - General anesthesia
Requests processed - 110449
Bookimed fees - $0
Types of Liposuction
  • Liposuction - from 3189$

    This therapy removes excess fat, reshapes body, offers quick recovery, minimal scarring, and improves self-esteem.

  • This therapy removes fat using a local anesthetic, reducing blood loss and pain, and promotes quicker recovery.

  • The procedure uses water jets for safe fat removal, ensuring natural skin tightening and less recovery time.

  • Chin liposuction - from 2104$

    The procedure removes surplus fat around the jawline, providing a sculpted, youthful look using minimally invasive techniques.

  • The procedure removes excess fat from the stomach area, enhancing body shape with minimal scarring and quicker recovery.

  • This operation reduces fat from thigh areas, slimming and reshaping for a smoother, firmer look.

  • The procedure eliminates excess fat from waist sides, contouring the body, offering an attractive silhouette.

  • Calf liposuction - from 691$

    The operation removes excess fat from lower legs, enhancing their shape and contour.

  • Knee liposuction - from 691$

    A minimally invasive procedure to remove excess fat removal from the knee area.

  • The operation removes excess fat for better-shaped buttocks, promising quick recovery and minimal scarring.

  • Back liposuction - from 4154$

    This therapy removes excess fat from the back area, resulting in a flat, refined profile.

  • Neck liposuction - from 2913$

    The operation removes excess fat in the neck area, enhancing your body with minimally invasive techniques for fast recovery.

  • This procedure removes excess fat from the arms, improving their shape and appearance through a minimally invasive process.

  • Fat Reduction - from 1617$

    This therapy trims down excess body fat, enhancing physical appearance and health through non-invasive or surgical methods.

  • The operation removes cheek fat pads for a slimmer face, done under anesthesia with minimal side effects.

  • The procedure targets three different sections, removing excess fat for a more sculpted appearance with lasting results.

  • The operation targets five body areas, removing excess fat, enhancing contours, and improving overall shape.

  • The operation removes excess chest fat in men, reshaping contour for a more masculine chest.

  • This procedure rectifies disproportionately large male breasts by removing excess tissue and fat, lessening physical and emotional burden.

  • Laser liposuction - from 2500$

    The operation uses focused light to break down fats, making their removal easier for body contouring and toning.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap

Day 1

  • Arrival at the airport.
  • Transfer to the hotel.
  • Rest and acclimatize.

Day 2

  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon.
  • Complete necessary medical tests.

Day 3

  • Transfer to the clinic.
  • Preparation for Belt Lipectomy.

Day 4

  • Belt Lipectomy is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The surgery lasts approximately 4-5 hours.

Day 5

  • Post-operative care in the clinic.
  • Observation for any complications.

Day 6

  • Transfer back to the hotel.
  • Rest and recovery.

Week 1-2

  • Light activities are encouraged.
  • Regular wound care and check-ups.

Week 3-4

  • Gradual return to work.
  • Continued wound care and check-ups.

Week 5-6

  • Return to light sports activities.
  • Continued follow-up with the surgeon.

Week 7 onwards

  • See the final result of Belt Lipectomy.
  • Return to full activities.

Please note that every patient"s recovery timeline may vary based on their individual health condition and the body"s healing capabilities.

What patients like:

  1. Cost. The Belt Lipectomy cost in Turkey ranges from 3189$ to 7500$. This price point is significantly lower compared to the average cost in other countries like the United States, where the procedure can cost up to $15000.
  2. Doctor’s professionalism. Patients appreciate the high level of professionalism shown by the doctors. Many are members of international medical organizations and have performed numerous procedures.
  3. Service level. High service level is another aspect patients enjoy. The staff is known for their friendliness and readiness to assist at any time.
  4. Belt Lipectomy efficacy. Patients are generally satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. Modern techniques used in Turkey ensure excellent results.
  5. Logistics. Patients praise the smooth logistics, from airport pickup to accommodation arrangements. The process is hassle-free and convenient.

What patients don't like:

  1. Waiting time. Some patients reported longer than expected waiting times for consultations and procedures.
  2. Language barrier. Although the medical staff is highly professional, some patients found the language barrier to be a challenge.
  3. Post-operative care. A few patients felt that the post-operative care could be improved. They felt a need for more detailed information and support after the procedure.

What's the Cost for Belt Lipectomy in Turkey? Find Out Now

updated 12/7/2023
The average cost of Belt Lipectomy in Turkey ranges from 3189$ to 7500$. The offers include a consultation with a plastic surgeon, preoperative tests, hospitalization and a hotel stay afterward, transfer between the airport, hotel, and clinic, and a belt lipectomy.
Request the price
United States of America
Belt Lipectomy from $10000 from $7500 from $4200
The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur). You’ll get the exact price for a plastic surgery procedure after a consultation with a doctor.
Below average
Above average
According to 36 clinics presented in the ranking
Discover the Best Belt Lipectomy Clinics in Turkey: 36 Verified Options and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 0 reviews to pick the right Belt Lipectomy clinic for you.
Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Turkey, Istanbul
99% patients recommend

Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center is a Turkish clinic specialized in aesthetic, plastic and dental procedures, hair transplant, and Brazilian butt lift, in particular.

The clinic offers the newest methods as Vaser liposuction, FUE and DHI hair transplants, PRP therapy for hair loss treatment.

Over 4,000 patients choose İstanbul Aesthetics for plastic procedures. Hair and beard transplant by local specialists is popular with patients from the UK, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, and Argentina.

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Belt Lipectomy Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Organization and support online at a high level, the coordinator and translator work great! The room is clean, there is everything you need, the food is modest, but quite satisfactory, the staff is attentive, they respond to everything quickly. The surgeon seemed indifferent, as if he was always in a hurry to get somewhere. During the consultation, they didn’t show the implants, they didn’t offer to choose a manufacturer, everything happened very quickly. The advantage is that the result was described in advance, taking into account physiological characteristics. Also, in addition to mammoplasty, labiovaginoplasty was planned in advance, at the consultation it was decided to do only labio, the cost did not change (later, when I asked about it myself, a small part of the amount was returned). According to the results. I had high expectations for mammoplasty, but given my physiology it turned out fine. I was absolutely dissatisfied with labiaplasty, now it’s worse than it was, I see a lot of asymmetry, the clinic reassured me that the final result will be in 3-4 months and now it’s due to swelling, 2 weeks have passed, I haven’t seen swelling as such for a long time and At the moment I absolutely cannot believe that this can somehow miraculously return to normal. The painkillers they give you are weak, but if the pain is severe, it is better to ask to stay in the clinic for another day and get injections.
— Anonymous
Ukraine, Nov 29, 2023
Nov 29, 2023 • Verified review.
Belt Lipectomy $6968.05
Dr. Ilker Manavbasi's Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
100% patients recommend

Dr. Ilker Manavbasi's Clinic is a plastic surgery facility in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Ilker Manavbasi's Clinic serves only adults. 600 patients choose Dr. Ilker Manavbasi's Clinic to get yearly medical care. Patients from Europe & Commonwealth, Arab League States, and CIS pick the clinic for treatment.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for Dr. Ilker Manavbasi's Clinic American Society of Plastic Surgeons certificate for Dr. Ilker Manavbasi's Clinic

Belt Lipectomy Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Many thanks to the experienced doctor Ilker for the wonderful work. Elvina is a wonderful girl who helps us with the translation. And of course professional medical staff for care and concern. I'm glad I chose this clinic. Highly recommend!!! Once again, thank you all very much!!!
— Tatiana Samburski
Israel, Feb 14, 2023
Feb 14, 2023 • Verified review.
Liposuction:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results Liposuction:  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Belt Lipectomy $4645.72
Kucukcekmece Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
85% patients recommend

Kucukcekmece Hospital is a multidisciplinary clinic located in Istanbul, Türkiye. The strongest specialties are hair transplant plastic aesthetic, teeth treatment, bariatric surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, and cardiology. Kucukcekmece Hospital serves both adults and children. 45,000 patients choose the clinic to get medical care every year. 

Major international patient flow comes from the USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Arab League States.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for Kucukcekmece Hospital

Belt Lipectomy Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
I did a tummy tuck + breast lift + full liposuction only 10 Days ago, I’m not able to see final results yet but so far I am extremely happy. The staff at the. Clinic was extremely nice and making sure I was as comfortable as possible and always available.. The staff speaks little English but we had the chance to have translator that make’s himself available at any time of the day , and he really accommodate us . They are all extremely nice . The surgeon was excellent I was very lucky to have him and he did an excellent work. I had a great experience thanks to all for everything!
— Ibtisem Gauthier
Ireland, Nov 8, 2023
Nov 8, 2023 • Verified review.
Belt Lipectomy $8500
Dr. Hakan Clinic
Best price
Turkey, Istanbul
92% patients recommend

Dr. Hakan clinic is a private single-specialty medical center in Istanbul, Turkey. The team is dedicated to plastic surgery and hair transplant. Dr. Hakan has 18 years of experience. Dr. Hakan clinic serves only adults. 1500 patients choose the clinic to get medical care every year. Patients from Europe & Commonwealth, Arab League States and USA, Canada, Australia visit the clinic most often.

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Belt Lipectomy
Package price
Adem and Havva Medical Center
Turkey, Istanbul
96% patients recommend

Adem & Havva Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Center is a single-specialty medical facility based in Istanbul, Turkey. The local team of experts provides hair treatments (transplants, PRP and ozone therapies), plastic surgery, aesthetic procedures, and dental care. Adem&Havva Center has been conducted over 16,000 plastic surgery interventions. The center welcomes patients from 45 countries including the ones from the USA, Middle East, and Europe.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Adem and Havva Medical Center Turkish Medical Association certificate for Adem and Havva Medical Center Patient choice for Hair transplant certificate for Adem and Havva Medical Center

Belt Lipectomy Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Good afternoon I would like to share feedback about this platform and clinic. Let's begin. I was interested in hair transplantation, because I don’t have any friends or acquaintances in this topic, I started searching for information on the Internet, and then this wonderful site came up to me. I came in, read, was interested, wrote, and coordinator Anna responded. Several countries were suggested for this operation, Anna suggested considering Turkey, namely the Adam and Eve clinic. I know from hearsay that in Turkey doctors and prices are very good, I agreed. The next day they sent me a program from this clinic, I read it, agreed to make an appointment, specified a date convenient for me, offered it in two weeks, to which they replied that they would clarify whether it was possible to perform the operation on the date I wanted. To my surprise, the registration was successful; I was counting on a few months of waiting. That’s when doubts began to arise that everything was going too well, and he began bombarding Anna with questions about everything that came to mind and how he could check the reliability of the site and all the information. Thanks to Anna for her patience and professionalism, she described everything clearly and clearly! I made up my mind, bought tickets and waited for the day of departure. On the day of departure I was constantly thinking about how everything would happen, because you are flying to a foreign country, it is not clear what you signed up for, even without knowing the language, so it was the first flight in my life, the excitement was constantly with me! At the airport itself, translator Biba wrote to me and asked me to send my photo so that it would be easier for the driver to find me. The flight was wonderful, Istanbul was stunning from above (flying late in the evening), I had to walk around the airport a little and find the exit where the driver was waiting, but thanks to Biba I managed the task. The driver Zafer was waiting at the 9th entrance - a polite and courteous guy, thank him very much for waiting and for his help in everything, it’s a pity that I couldn’t talk to him, I think he’s a very interesting conversationalist! I drove the whole way and the smile never left my face, because the feeling of anxiety was passing. Zafer brought him to the hotel, there were no problems with booking a room, because Anna did it and you just need to tell the reception your first and last name. Entering the room, the feeling of danger and anxiety has completely deteriorated and you realize that this is all true and that there is no reason to panic! everything is going just fine! You are in Istanbul, in a beautiful hotel, and tomorrow your little dream will come true! I went to bed in a pleasant shock! In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, Zafer took me to the clinic, where I was met by the wonderful translator Biba! She spent the whole day with me, explained everything, described it and supported me. We signed the necessary papers, met and talked with the doctor (a good guy). We went to the operating room, met the amazing assistants there, took blood samples for analysis and began the procedure. Let me say briefly... only the anesthesia injections are painful, the transplant process itself is very gentle. The doctor did everything in the best possible way, as he said earlier, he carried out the operation with restraint and confidence! The assistants are tougher in terms of processing and assistance, but the main thing is that there are no mistakes. The girls maintained a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere, they were constantly talking about something and having a conversation, it was interesting to listen to them, it was a pity that I could not join the conversation. The support was great! After a 7-hour operation, my head felt like cast iron, from anesthesia and other procedures... the plus is a break, which helps a lot, go to the restroom, stretch your limbs, and of course, lunch, which is very filling! At the end of all the procedures, they give you a very nice head care kit (shampoo, foam) and they will offer ointment for treating the donor area, don’t skimp, it’s better to take it right away! Panama for wearing in hot weather and for those who have complexes. I still haven’t worn it, I’m not in the sun for long, but I got used to the look on the third day and I like it! A pack of tablets, painkillers, antipyretic and anti-edema. Listen to everything they tell you, it’s very useful and everything will come in handy. The first week will be difficult, especially sleeping, you will have a special pillow, cool! but not comfortable) you will have to be patient) I advise you to sleep sitting, fortunately the hotel has a very good chair and a table of the same height, you can sit comfortably, because... Lying down you will feel numb, especially your head, which will make you sleep for a couple of hours a day. Sitting and only sitting, listen to my advice! Just don’t forget about the pillow, any friction in the transplanted area is detrimental to your hair! And by the way, on the 3rd day I will explain to you about leaving! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for that day and I flew away, but it’s hard to do it yourself, especially the first day, later you get better at it. At the moment, the 2nd week is coming to an end, I’m happy with the result, like everything I’ve gone through) There’s still a long, but interesting journey ahead of my new hair! The conclusion is this: don’t think for long, make up your mind, do it and this platform will help you 100%, especially for those who don’t know where to start and where to look. Here are excellent specialists whom you can confidently trust, who will take you to the end from the dissatisfaction of receding hairline to the status of Rapunzel!) Be brave and everything will work out for you! I would like to express special gratitude to Anna for the information provided, patience, and support for taking a step forward! Zafer - for respectful treatment and help for pleasant trips around the beautiful city! Bebe - for her support, her sincerity, sincerity, a wonderful person, in a beautiful appearance! To the doctor (unfortunately I don’t remember his name) - for his professionalism, accuracy, and attentiveness! Girls assistants - for the positive atmosphere, coordinated, amazing work with my grafts! They are great! The head doctor of the clinic for the warm welcome and for such employees! I hope that I will be as pleased with the final result as you are! Thank you very much everyone for your attention! I am sure that my review will help someone!
— Денис
Poland, Sep 28, 2023
Sep 28, 2023 • Verified review.
Hisar Intercontinental Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
95% patients recommend

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental is a multi-specialty medical center in Turkey, Istanbul.

The medical center specializes in pediatric and adult cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, oncology, weight loss surgery, and check-ups. Hisar Intercontinental Hospital serves only adults. 250,000 patients choose Hisar Intercontinental Hospital to get medical care every year.  Hisar Hospital is certified by JCI (Joint Commission International) that confirms compliance with international standards of treatment quality and safety.

Patients from CIS, Balkans and African countries choose Hisar Hospital for medical care.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Joint Commission International  certificate for Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

Belt Lipectomy Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
Many thanks to Bookimed for the opportunity to meet different specialists and clinics in Turkey, compare, read reviews, and study information in an understandable language. It’s hard to even imagine how much time, financial and professional costs it took for the creators to make the information so accessible and complete for the patient. Thank you for your work and choosing such a useful niche as this! It is so important for the patient to be able to communicate with the manager at any time: to talk, consult, discuss personal issues and possible risks. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Before finding you, I had experience communicating with two organizations that provide services in the field of medical tourism, but unfortunately, commerce and the desire to sell specific specialists without options is alarming and does not inspire confidence at all. On the other hand, I’m even glad that I had such a short communication experience, especially since I was able to evaluate the capabilities of Bookimed! I understand that for the reader my review may be similar to an ode of praise, but as they say, “you can’t erase words from a song.”))) Therefore, I can only continue to talk about how it was in my specific case. Thanks to the Khizar clinic for a luxurious spacious room with floor-to-ceiling windows, an additional sofa for visitors, as well as delicious meals three times a day. It would seem difficult to surprise us with high-quality Turkish service in a hotel, but when your stay in the clinic is exactly the same as in a hotel, it is much more valuable at a time when you are absolutely alone in a foreign country and your physical capabilities are temporarily limited. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail: it so happened that I arrived for the operation unaccompanied, with a small backpack. This was extremely important for me: everything I could need was provided or was already available in my favorite room opposite the reception. The operation was scheduled for the afternoon, so the most difficult time was at night. The nurse who was on night duty did a tremendous job and until 6 am did everything as required according to the protocol after the operation. Yes, you can say, how could it be otherwise, you paid the money and it should be so, but you and I know very well that no one has canceled the human factor, and patients in this state after surgery cannot always read carefully in English doctor's recommendation language. Therefore, I send rays of love to this Great Man!!! Every 40 minutes He applied cold compresses, fed me even at night, and then took me for a walk along the long corridor of the clinic. This is an invaluable experience for me, not only because it is important for rehabilitation and health, but also for my personal faith in people. Low bow to the doctor for his professionalism, ability to listen to the patient and a high-quality operation. I would also like to thank Gulshirin Beshimova for the opportunity to make my stay in Turkey as comfortable as possible. Just as theater begins with a coat rack, so in my case Istanbul greeted me with a friendly smile from the driver and a luxurious car. It is impossible not to mention Alpay. I’ve been driving for 20 years, but I’ve never seen anyone pay such attention to the car and the passengers sitting in the back seat: TV, music from all over the world, water of different temperatures, drinks, napkins, a footrest for comfortable feet, and even a fresh bouquet of herbs to scent the salon! My applause!!! Bookimed! Türkiye! You have won me over! What a pity that I didn’t know before that everything could be like this! She curtsied. Your Eva❤️
— Anonymous
Germany, Sep 29, 2023
Sep 29, 2023 • Verified review.
Rhinoplasty (nose job):  Before and After Photos. Explore patients' results
Turkey, Istanbul
92% patients recommend

FidelClinic is a private multi-specialty medical center located in Istanbul, Turkey. The team performs dental treatment and plastic surgery operations. FidelClinic serves only adults. 300 patients choose FidelClinic to get medical care every year. Patients from Europe & Commonwealth, Arab League States, the USA, Canada, and Australia visit the clinic most often.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery certificate for FidelClinic International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate certificate for FidelClinic
Happy Esthetic Clinic
Limited-time deal
Turkey, Istanbul
92% patients recommend

The Happy Esthetic Clinic in İstanbul, Turkey is dedicated to plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Highly professional, friendly medical team and great reviews make this clinic a great place to get a Belt Lipectomy in Turkey procedure. The offer includes consultation with a plastic surgeon, preoperative tests, hospitalization and hotel stay, transfers and more. The procedure takes two days in the hospital and five days in the hotel.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery certificate for Happy Esthetic Clinic International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery certificate for Happy Esthetic Clinic Turkish Medical Association certificate for Happy Esthetic Clinic
Belt Lipectomy
Package price
Turkey, Istanbul
92% patients recommend

ClinicExpert is a state multi-specialty medical center located in Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic team is dedicated to dental treatment, plastic surgery, and weight loss surgery. ClinicExpert is an international health tourism company that aims to bring patients together with the proper treatment methods and reliable health institutions. With expert staff, ClinicExpert offers many center options with advanced technology and reliable treatment to guests looking for health solutions. The doctors and medical centers ClinicExpert works with are chosen to provide high service standards. Accommodation options are also diversified for patients. ClinicExpert serves only adults. Almost 95000 patients choose ClinicExpert for medical care every year. The clinic is most frequently visited by patients from Europe, the Commonwealth, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Russian-speaking countries.

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Hospital certificates and accreditation of quality

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by TÜV NORD CERT certificate for ClinicExpert International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders Certificate certificate for ClinicExpert Patient choice in Plastic surgery certificate for ClinicExpert Best Plastic Surgery Center 2018 certificate for ClinicExpert Patient choice for Hair transplant certificate for ClinicExpert
Dr. Cagri Sade Plastiс Surgery Center
Turkey, Istanbul
100% patients recommend

Dr. Cagri Sade Center for Plastic Surgery is a private narrow focus clinic in Turkey. It specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery.

All the interventions are performed by leading plastic surgeon of the country - Cagri Sade MD.

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Belt Lipectomy Patient Experience Reviews

Verified review.
The care and surgery provided by Dr Cagri -Sade and his assistant Karem is simply the best. Nothing has been too much and I have felt confident and comfortable every step of the way. Dr Cagri-sade is a kind and gentle professional man and I would trust him with any procedure. Karem is an amazing man, he will do everything in his power to make sure you are planned from the second you book, land in Istanbul, throughout surgery and the aftercare. I will miss Karem and his caring ways and if I was to come back to Istanbul for any further procedures, I would come straight back to this surgeon and clinic Thank you Dr Sade and Karem for all you have done. Jodie
— Jodie Catherine Dalton
United Kingdom, Mar 3, 2022
Mar 3, 2022 • Verified review.

Your Medical Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Advice

How many days do I need to stay in Turkey?
7 days
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel on full board basis — $100. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $50. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $30. Lunch & dinner — $15.
Some clinics include 4- or 5-star hotel stay in the procedure cost.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK: visa is not required. For citizens of the USA: online visa is available — $76.50.
For citizens of other countries — please visit to find more details on entry requirements to Turkey.
What payment options are available?
PayPal, cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).
Flight tickets to Turkey: are not included in the price.
Transfer: most of clinics provide a free airport-clinic-airport transfer for patients coming for the procedure.

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We form our listings of clinics and doctors with strict regulations of our smart automatic ranking system. The system is based on real Bookimed patient rates to provide the most objective and transparent information about Belt Lipectomy clinics and medical services there. You can find the best Belt Lipectomy clinics in Turkey on our platform.

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On you may find choice and convenience to find the best Belt Lipectomy medical solutions from top medical services providers just in one place, and often at competitive prices. Making sure to deliver the freshest information, the clinic’s representatives update doctors’ CVs, clinics’ capacities, before-after pictures, prices, packages, and specials by themselves shortly. You may meet the clinic’s representative and check the date of updated content at every clinic’s page to make sure of its trustworthiness.

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The consistency, accuracy of data, and adherence to the highest standards of medical writing is proved by the Bookimed Medical Advisory Board expert — Doctor Bulent Cihantimur.

Doctor B. is a top-rated plastic surgeon from Turkey with over 20 years of practice. Ranked among 50 best world’s plastic surgeons. Author of 8 innovative plastic surgery methods. 

Dr. Cihantimur has a wide range of experience and expertise, including breast augmentation and reconstruction, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and rhinoplasty. Is a member of 7 professional American, Turkish and international associations.

Cooperates with Bookimed from 2020 and arranges training trips for the Bookimed’s coordinators to his clinics. 

The Medical Advisory Board expert is a verified credible medical professional with solid theoretical background and practical experience in the field. The expert provides support related to medical content accuracy for medical writers and performs educational workshops to Bookimed coordinators serving patient requests.

The medical content creation under the expert’s control follows rigorous and well-established procedure to be informative, trustworthy, and transparent and making a credible source of evidence-based health information.

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