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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for Pancreas transplant in Turkey 2024

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20 Recent Pancreas transplant Reviews in Turkey: Check Real Patient Experience

Anonymous • Cirrhosis
Jun 2, 2023

Verified review.
Before and After Pancreas transplant Pictures Before and After Pancreas transplant Pictures
my child is already feeling well
everything was professionally organized, we were very well received, very pleased with the staff and staff of VM Hospitals, my child is already feeling well, thanks to the doctors, thanks to the translators and thanks to the staff of VM Hospitals, they were always in touch, thank you to everyone.

Арзу • Gastroenterology
Aug 5, 2019

Verified review.
Before and After Pancreas transplant Pictures
"I advise all my acquaintances on any medical problems to contact the MEDİPOL center without a doubt at the expense of professionalism and attentiveness to patients
I was in the clinic a week ago on gastroenterology. Clinic liked. I advise. All at the proper international level. Doctors are professional, the professor himself did gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Thanks to the translators, they very quickly helped in all matters. As well as to the support department - in fact, there were always contacts on the airport, Transfer from the airport and back, as well as the clinic MEDİPOL provides to the clinic. Very promptly received answers analyzes and advice. I advise all my acquaintances on any medical problems to contact the MEDİPOL center without a doubt at the expense of professionalism and attentiveness to patients.

Аdilya Акмуллаева • Revision of MRI results
Dec 25, 2023

Verified review.
Everything is very fast, competent, comfortable
Everything is very fast, competent, comfortable
Everything was very fast without any expectations
stuffy, hot

Client • Consultation with a gastroenterologist
Nov 17, 2023

Verified review.
I was looking for a pediatric gastroenterologist urgently, I urgently needed an appointment immediately on the same day at a time convenient for me to see the doctor professor 👍I really liked the doctor

Robert Prince • Colonoscopy
United Kingdom
Feb 7, 2023

Verified review.
Everything is here to make your visit as stress free and pleasant as a trip to the hospital can be
A very professional team. I had a translator throughout to not only do translation but guide me to the places I needed to be. Very clean and welcoming place. The prices are discussed prior to your arrival and appointment booking. There is also a transfer car that can be arranged on the days that you need it. Everything is here to make your visit as stress free and pleasant as a trip to the hospital can be.
About Bookimed service
I was guided through the process and never felt I clueless

Bile ibar • Consultation with a gastroenterologist
United Kingdom
Mar 3, 2022

Verified review.
Very nice and gentle medical team i appriciate your team and the service performance was very higher
Very nice and gently medical team i appriciate your team and the service performance was very higher
About Bookimed service

Anonymous • Gastroscopy with biopsy
Feb 7, 2020

Verified review.
Everything went well
The visit was in line with expectations, everything went well, I received all conclusions. Thanks.

Anonymous • Consultation with a gastroenterologist
Jan 19, 2020

Verified review.
The results were excellent
Satisfied with a specialist consultation

Nurlan Zhanabergemov • Consultation with a gastroenterologist
Sep 17, 2019

Verified review.
The equipment is 10 out of 10 and your service is good, the organization is top-notch
Everything went fine, 80% satisfied. The clinic is good, the equipment is 10 out of 10 and your service is good, the organization is top-notch.

VALENTYNA KULINICH • Gastroenterology
May 23, 2019

Verified review.
Separately, thanks to Dr
The clinic is good, credible. Separately, thanks to Dr. Vedat Gural. No extra tests were prescribed after endoscopy. Prescribed treatment. Special thanks to him, for attention and professionalism. The clinic attended 2.05.19. Kulinich V.V.

Pancreas transplant Overview in Turkey

Related procedures & Costs
How it works
What to expect
Pros & Cons
patients recommend -
Surgery Time - 8 hours
Stay in the country - 30 days
Rehabilitation - 60 days
Anesthesia - General anesthesia
Verified patient reviews - 20
Requests processed - 9886
Bookimed fees - $0
Types of Pancreas transplant
  • Pancreas transplant

    The operation replaces a diseased pancreas, aiding digestion and insulin production, offering potential diabetes control.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap

Day 1

  • Arrival in the country.
  • VIP transfer to the medical facility.
  • Settling into the individual chamber.

Day 2-3

  • Consultation with a transplant specialist.
  • Performing required medical tests.
  • Additional procedures if needed.

Day 4

  • Preparation for surgery.
  • Administration of general anesthesia.

Day 5

  • Pancreas transplant procedure, takes about 6 hours.

Day 6-10

  • Post-operation recovery in the clinic.
  • Monitoring by medical staff.

Week 2-3

  • Gradual increase in physical activity.
  • Continual monitoring and adjustments to medications.

Week 4-6

  • Return to non-strenuous work.
  • Continued outpatient visits to the clinic.

Week 7-12

  • Return to normal activities.
  • End of rehabilitation period, with the final result visible.

Please note that each case is individual and may vary.

What patients like:

  1. Cost. The Pancreas transplant cost in Turkey ranges from 0$ to 0$. This cost is significantly lower compared to the US where the average price is around $300,000. Patients appreciate this affordable option.
  2. Doctor’s professionalism. Doctors in Turkey are highly trained, often with international certification. They are members of esteemed organizations and have performed numerous procedures. Patients trust their high level of expertise.
  3. Service level. The high standard of care in Turkey is often praised. Patients appreciate the attentive staff, modern hospitals, and comprehensive post-surgery care.
  4. Pancreas transplant efficacy. Turkish hospitals use modern transplant techniques. This leads to successful outcomes and high patient satisfaction.
  5. Logistics. Patients appreciate the ease of travel to Turkey and the assistance provided by hospitals in arranging accommodations.

What patients don’t like:

  1. Language barrier. Some patients report difficulties communicating with medical staff due to language differences.
  2. Waiting time. Despite the efficient health system, some patients experience long waiting times for the procedure.
  3. Aftercare. Some patients have expressed concerns about the level of aftercare provided once they return home.

How much is Pancreas transplant cost in Turkey? Find Out Now

updated 2/29/2024
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Pancreas transplant for diabetes type 1

Pancreas transplant is a procedure assigned to patients with type 1 diabetes. After the surgery they return to normal life without insulin and sugar level monitoring.

International patients are recommended to receive a transplant in India, as it is one of the few countries worldwide where this procedure is permitted. Internationally accredited specialists perform pancreas transplant with up to 93% success rate. The pancreas transplant cost here is one of the lowest in the world.

Discover the Best Pancreas transplant Clinics in Turkey: 3 Verified Options and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 20 reviews to pick the right Pancreas transplant clinic for you.
Medipol Mega University Hospital
Most Popular Clinic for Pancreas transplant
Turkey, Istanbul
• 453 reviews

Medipol University Hospital is one of the largest multi-specialty medical institution in Turkey. Daily, over 1,200 patients trust their health to Medipol's experts. The hospital is equipped with advanced technologies, i.e, Da Vinci Surgical System, Cyber and Gamma Knives. Doctors specialize in cancer, neurological, and cardiovascular treatment. Organ transplantation, bone marrow transplant and IVF are among key specialties of the hospital.

Read more details


Joint Commission International  certificate for Medipol Mega University Hospital
Patient choice in Pediatric Oncology & Hematology Oncology certificate for Medipol Mega University Hospital
Арзу • Aug 5, 2019
I was in the clinic a week ago on gastroenterology. Clinic liked. I advise. All at the proper international level. Doctors are professional, the professor himself did gastroscopy and colonoscopy. Thanks to the translators, they very quickly helped in all matters. As well as to the support department - in fact, there were always contacts on the airport, Transfer from the airport and back, as well as the clinic MEDİPOL provides to the clinic. Very promptly received answers analyzes and advice. I advise all my acquaintances on any medical problems to contact the MEDİPOL center without a doubt at the expense of professionalism and attentiveness to patients.
453 reviews
upon request
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Reyap Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
• 1 review

Reyap Hospital is a private multi-specialty medical center located in Istanbul, Turkey. The team works in dental treatment, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery. Reyap Hospital serves only adults. Patients from Europe, Arab League States and the USA visit the clinic most often.

Read more details


Joint Commission International  certificate for Reyap Hospital
Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Standard certificate for Reyap Hospital
Turkish Medical Association certificate for Reyap Hospital
The Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) by WHO and UNICEF certificate for Reyap Hospital
AbdulAziz Al Omair • May 22, 2023
Everybody was really awesome.very friendly Hospitality great . I highly appreciated everyone with their beautiful smile and enthusiasm to help and to do their best . God bless them .
1 review
upon request
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Memorial Antalya Hospital
Turkey, Antalya
• 82 reviews

Memorial Antalya Hospital is a private multidisciplinary hospital in Turkey. It specializes in medical and radiation oncology, general, plastic, and reconstruction surgery. Memorial Antalya Hospital meets international standards of quality and safety according to the JCI (Joint Commission International), an authoritative organization evaluating world-class medical centers.

Read more details


Joint Commission International  certificate for Memorial Antalya Hospital
Людмила Ни • Jul 19, 2021
I liked the doctors, staff and translator Gunay, the neurologist and cardiologist told in detail about the diagnosis and gave recommendations, made an appointment
82 reviews
upon request
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Your Medical Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Advice

How many days do I need to stay in Turkey?
30 days
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel on full board basis — $100. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $50. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $30. Lunch & dinner — $15.
Some clinics include 4- or 5-star hotel stay in the procedure cost.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK: visa is not required. For citizens of the USA: online visa is available — $76.50.
For citizens of other countries — please visit to find more details on entry requirements to Turkey.
What payment options are available?
PayPal, cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard).
Flight tickets to Turkey: are not included in the price.
Transfer: most of clinics provide a free airport-clinic-airport transfer for patients coming for the procedure.

Get a Medical Assessment for Pancreas transplant in Turkey: Consult with 6 Experienced Doctors Now

Tolga Sahin
Turkey, Istanbul
Tolga Sahin
14 years of experience


The International Liver Transplantation Society
Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals
Education:    Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine    Specialization Training:    Baskent University Faculty of Medicine. Internal diseases  Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, Gastroenterology Minor    Worked Institutions:  Tekirdag State Hospital (Compulsory Service)  Demiroğlu Bilim University Faculty of Medicine, Gastroenterology    Medical Interests:    Endoscopy-Colonoscopy  ERCP  Hepatology  Inflammatory Bowel Diseases  Liver Transplantation Read more
Sedat Karademir
Turkey, Ankara
Sedat Karademir
Transplant surgeon
36 years of experience
Guven Hospital
BRIEF SUMMARYOF WORK EXPERIENCE  Including those I had transplanted during my fellowship at RUSH University in Chicago (n=86), I have performed a total of 705 liver transplants (%94 adult) both from living (%75) and cadaveric (%25) donors. And, additionally 340 kidney transplants which were mostly from living donors, too. Of these, 12 were combined liver and kidney transplantations either from cadaveric or living donors. Currently, I am the Director of Organ Transplant Program at GUVEN Hospital in Ankara. As of March 2018, here in GUVEN Hospital, we have performed 145 liver transplants (118 from living donors) with 1, 3 and 5 years patient survival of 91.2%, 86%and 83%, consecutively(ELTR data analysis). Since 1997, besides organ transplantation, I have also been operating on complicated hepato-pancreato-biliary patients Read more
Anna Leonova
Head of Content Marketing Team
Updated: 2/25/2024
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FAQ about Pancreas transplant in Turkey

Pancreas transplant: indications and contraindications

A person diagnosed with type 1 diabetes can get a pancreas transplant in the future if s/he want to improve quality of living. People with diabetes forced to maintain a diet, constantly evaluate blood sugar levels and are dependent on insulin injections. Patients older than 40 years have higher risks of developing secondary complications related to diabetes:

  • blindness;
  • amputations;
  • kidney failure.

In case of condition worsening the only opportunity for a patient to retain their normal state is to receive the pancreas from a donor. That will return a recipient to normal life within weeks.

There are also contraindications to surgery:

  • Age over 55. Most hospitals don’t operate people older than 55 years due to high risk of post-operational complications;
  • Slow response. Diabetes is a fast-advancing disease, and if you consider pancreas transplant, address the issue as soon as possible;
  • Non-compliance history. Patient must comply with potential risks the operation is bearing;
  • Presence of 1 or more end-organ complications related to diabetes (kidney failure, heart malfunction, etc.) defines the eligibility for transplantation.

How to get a pancreas transplant?

In most countries, partial pancreas transplant living donor is either impossible or extremely complicated due to legal reasons. The common practice is that a patient receives organs from a cadaveric donor. Those are people who experienced heavy cranial or related trauma due to an accident and cannot survive. Only if brain function is lost completely and irreversible, the cause of death is certain and relatives of the donor have agreed on transplantation, the operation may commence.

Prior to the procedure, a variety of tests are carried out to ensure donor/recipient compatibility. Pancreas transplant in India is legally allowed and performed in accordance with all international protocols. For instance, Indian hospitals have JCI (Joint Commission International) and ISO (international quality standard) accreditations. These accreditations ensure high safety and quality of provided medical services.

Donor requirements are:

  • Age. They must be less than 45 years old;
  • Weight. A donor must weight more than 30 kg;
  • Have no history of diabetes;
  • Obesity is also considered a contraindication.

Preoperative preparation

If a patient is planning to receive pancreas transplant it is required to stay in the country where the operation will be performed until a suitable donor is found. Hospitals won’t put a patient on the waiting list otherwise. Organs can be stored for up to 30 hours in special solution, but each passing hour decreases success rate of the operation.

Before the transplantation commences a patient must:

  • Undergo full medical exam to assess their condition, including blood tests;
  • Start dieting according to doctor recommendations.

Patients who receive pancreas replacement fall under one of 2 categories: those whose kidney is damaged by diabetes to the extent that it needs to be replaced, and those who only need a pancreas transplantation.

Types of pancreas transplant operation

Depending on patient’s physical condition an operation will be performed according to one of 4 scenarios:

  1. Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant (SPK). In most cases, diabetes causes malfunction and degenerative processes in patient’s kidneys. Some patients who suffer from diabetes are already on dialysis (external blood filtration). SPK increases the long-term survival rate of patients and allows them to go off the dialyis;
  2. Pancreas after a kidney transplant (PAK). This procedure puts a patient under more stress since s/he has to undergo two surgical invasions. For PAK operations organs can be used from two different donors. PAK operations bear less surgical complications;
  3. Pancreas transplant alone (PTA). In some cases when there is no malfunction in kidneys, only pancreas is transplanted;
  4. Kidney after pancreas (KAP) transplant. In some cases, physicians may find it viable to carry out transplantations in this order. For example, when kidneys malfunction became apparent after the pancreas transplantation.

Pancreas transplant surgery

The operation itself is extremely complex and can take up to 6 hours. A team of professional surgeons performs an operation under general anesthesia. During the operation, patient’s own kidneys and pancreas are not removed, instead, new organs are transplanted into abdominal area.

Only the best among accredited surgeons are allowed to participate in the operation. They are prepared to treat possible complications and any unsuspected developments. This is why the operation success rate is high, as doctors are prepared to react to every situation and outcome.

Still, there are some risks to the procedure, that include:

  • Immune system rejecting transplanted organs and trying to get rid of them. Strict donor assigning protocols reduce the chances of this complication;
  • The appearance of blood clots in the vascular system of newly transplanted organs. This risk is determined by overall health state of both the donor and the recipient;
  • A temporary inflammatory reaction of the pancreas. May be caused by a vast range of factors, is usually quickly healed in intensive care unit as a part of post-operational routines.

New transplants usually start working within several hours after the operation. The pancreas normalizes blood insulin level and a patient won’t require injections anymore. Immediately after the surgery, a patient is placed into intensive care unit to stabilize their condition and give a good start for rehabilitation period.

Postoperative period

After the patient’s condition has stabilized, s/he stays in a hospital for an average of 2 weeks to make sure their condition remains stable. During that time a patient who underwent the transplantation starts taking immunosuppressants. It is a special medicine that prevents recipient's immune system from “attacking” foreign organs. This is the only option to prevent transplant rejection, medicine intake is mandatory and cannot be skipped. Patients are also required to undergo regular medical exams to monitor their state and the state of their new organs. That ensures their safety and well-being. Recipient stays in the hospital for 1-2 months depending on their condition.

Rehabilitation includes standard routines associated with the post-operative period. A recipient will spend first few weeks in hospital. After that, additional rehabilitation measures may be required, such as low stress environment and minimal physical activity. Due to anti-rejection treatment, patient’s immune system is weakened. That bears higher infection and illness risks, may cause bone thinning, high blood pressure and other side-effects.

The outlook for patients is rather positive, as survival rates in patients that underwent SPK are:

  • up to 93% within the first year;
  • up to 88% within first three years;
  • up to 85% within ten years after the surgery.

How much does a pancreas transplant cost?

How much is pancreas transplant is the main question among patients. The Pancreas transplant cost depends on patient’s condition, type of operation that needs to be done, donor availability, urgency, and many other factors determined by doctors. The price for pancreas transplant in Germany, Israel and the USA is 2-4 times higher than in India.

Pancreas replacement cost also depends on:

  • Qualification of a doctor performing the surgery;
  • Conditions and duration of stay in hospital ward;
  • Medications used during postoperative period to treat complications and speed up rehabilitation processes.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is type 2 diabetes curable by this procedure?

In some cases physicians may find it viable to use pancreas transplant to treat type 2 diabetes, you should contact your doctor for more details.

Note that pancreatic cancer is not treated by transplantation.

What are the benefits of the transplantation?

The procedure will boost your endurance and allow you to lead a life not dependent on insulin and blood dialysis. You will not be required to follow a strict diet and the risks of developing morbid diabetes-related organ complications will be gone.

In what way can I ensure the success of rehabilitation?

The general advice is to strictly follow your doctor’s orders. Take your immunosuppressant medicine according to the schedule, visit physicians for appointed examinations, do blood tests. Always stay conscious of your health state and notify your health service providers about any abnormalities you notice.

How to undergo pancreas transplant faster?

Submit a request on Bookimed site and our Doctor-Coordinator will contact you. We work with the best medical facilities and will help organizing the procedure in the shortest terms.

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20 Recent Pancreas transplant Reviews in Turkey: Check Real Patient Experience

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